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Our Treatments

We combine the very best of medical science with the best of beauty to create the most wonderful and luxurious treatments for feet, hands and legs including the world–renowned Medical Pedicure and the superb Margaret Dabbs London Supreme Manicure.


Margaret Dabbs London combines clinical excellence with an outstanding treatment experience to create a comprehensive range of advanced foot treatments focusing on all aspects of foot health for men and women of all ages. We are the pioneers of cosmetic podiatry awith a firm eye on the end treatment result. Our qualified, highly trained HCPC registered Podiatrists are equipped with state-of-the-art quality equipment, perform their treatments in stylish private treatment rooms and are backed up by outstanding administrative assistance. Knowing that everyone’s needs differ, our initial 45-minute consultation is bespoke but includes a comprehensive consultation, diagnosis, and surgical chiropody style treatment intervention with a firm eye on the patient’s needs.

The Medical Pedicure

Our remarkable medical pedicure is guaranteed to offer a new level of comfort and the “walking on air” feeling that only a Margaret Dabbs London treatment can provide.

Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery at Margaret Dabbs London is undertaken for those challenging toe nails that have resisted more conservative treatments.

Corticoid Steroid Injections

Corticosteroid injections are used to treat painful areas of the foot which lead to inflammation and swelling. Due to the complex structure of the foot and the way it works, it is very easy to suddenly agitate the smooth functioning of the foot.

Therapy Ultrasound

At Margaret Dabbs London, our ultrasound (US) diagnostic scans of the feet and ankles are used to support the physical biomechanical examinations we undertake with you.

Medical Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction is for those people who have either disfigured or damaged toenails or toenails that have been lost as a result of trauma or an accident.

Laser Consultation with Instant Fungal Studies

The laser consultation is an in depth discussion with a qualified laser therapy podiatrist, who is skilled in understanding, diagnosing, and recommending your suitability for the laser treatment.

Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nails can present themselves as being discoloured, yellow or brown and nails can be crumbly, unhealthy and unsightly looking. There can also be an odour associated with the contaminated nail(s) and the sufferer is often embarrassed and unwilling to wear open footwear as a result.

Verruca Treatment

A verruca is a wart on the foot caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). They commonly occur on the soles of the feet and toes. Verruca can be contagious and transmitted through direct person-to-person contact.

Diabetic Medical Pedicure

Our experienced HCPC registered Podiatrists are expertly trained in caring for the diabetic foot. Living with Diabetes requires you to give special attention to your feet, and can affect the quality and integrity of your skin and nails.

Foot Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning.

Bunion Prevention Therapy

Margaret Dabbs London Clinics are pleased to introduce an additional treatment to the renowned Foot Clinic therapy menus – Bunion Prevention Therapy. This exciting treatment focuses on one of most topical foot care concerns being experienced by men and women – the fear of bunions and the best way to treat and prevent them.

Biomechanical Assessment

Margaret Dabbs London Clinics go one step further in their mission to provide the best in foot care with the introduction of new 2D laser scanning technology; part of a comprehensive analysis and assessment for the fitting of bespoke, cutting – edge orthotics into clients’ footwear

Lower Laser Therapy

Margaret Dabbs London utilises state of the art lasers to treat common and debilitating foot complaints such as plantar fasciitis.

Laser Nail Fungal Treatment

Eradicate nail fungus and stubborn plantar warts with the Margaret Dabbs London Laser Nail Fungal Treatment, an exclusively designed laser to treat foot conditions.


Reflexology is a Holistic Therapy that focuses on applying pressure with the fingers and thumbs to different points on the feet which are thought to correspond to different systems throughout the body.

Beauty Treatments

Fabulous Legs Treatments

Therapies by Margaret Dabbs London have medical and beauty benefits by being focused on venous de-congestion and foot and lower leg swelling whilst at the same time transforming legs leaving them feeling smooth, visibly more slender, silky and light.

Nail Spa Treatments

We can keep you looking groomed and polished. Expert manicures and pedicures for fabulous hands and feet, for him and for her. Performed by professionally trained Margaret Dabbs London nail technicians, our manicures and pedicures are the best in the business.

Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy

This phenomenal treatment can transform even the most tired, dry skin with lasting, visibly beautiful treatment results.