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Therapy Ultrasound

At Margaret Dabbs London, our ultrasound (US) diagnostic scans of the feet and ankles are used to support the physical biomechanical examinations we undertake with you. Ultrasound has many advantages over utilising x-rays, most noticeable the fact that radiation is not used to produce images, which means it’s safer for the body and can be used though pregnancy. Ultrasound also enables us to see your body working in real time and the sonographer Podiatrist can see your body moving whilst watching the images. This is particularly useful for tendons, muscles and ligaments, which means potential diagnoses are quicker and more immediate. A formal US summary of your findings letter will be provided at an additional charge.
Pathologies such as plantar fasciopathy, Achilles tendinopathy, Morton Neuroma, bursitis, OA disease can be ratified by US. In addition, in some pathological conditions, we can provide precise injections (Morton’s neuroma, plantar fasciopathy), to the problematic area, which may provide pain relief and reduce inflammation.

Prices start from £100 -30 mins

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