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Lower Level Laser Therapy

Lower Level Laser Therapy is a treatment that stimulates and encourages the repair of soft tissues in the body which includes muscles, ligaments and tendons. Our treatments focus on common foot pain, for example plantar fasciitis, tendonitis including Achilles heel, metatarsalgia, Bunion and bone and joint inflammation and pain, Oedema and inflammation and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Lower level laser therapy is also used in post operative care, including for bunionectomy, Improvement and healing of keloid scar appearance and post-surgical incisions, Improvement in muscular related strains and reduction of pain, in the treatment of ulcerative wounds and some knee conditions. This is a quick and pain free treatment with research evidence that praises its effectiveness and positive health outcomes.

With a fully qualified Podiatrist 30 mins £60 | 45 mins £85

With a Senior Podiatrist 30 mins £70 | 45 mins £105

With a Principal Podiatrist 30 mins £80 | 45 mins £125

For further information contact one of our Margaret Dabbs London Clinics.

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