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Marcial del Adalid N1 1D, 15005, A Coruña

Monday to Friday: 10.00am – 21.00pm
Saturday: 09.00am – 14.00pm

Tel: +34 881 88 65 51
Email: tamara.iglesias@margaretdabbs.co.uk


Calle Ochandiano 35
28023 Madrid

Tel: +34 915 61 24 33
Email: tamara.iglesias@margaretdabbs.co.uk

Medical Pedicure Our signature treatment is globally renowned for creating the perfect sole. It is carried out by a qualified podiatrist, giving feet a complete overhaul and addresses all aspects of foot health. The pedicure is performed on a dry foot to ensure exceptionally long lasting results and uses the award winning Margaret Dabbs™ London product range. A perfect pedicure and diagnostic tool for advanced treatments, popular with both men and women.

Biomechanical Assessment A full foot and leg assessment carried out by the podiatrist using the latest evidence based 3D scanning technology, highlighting pressure points and arch height. This assessment includes muscle, joint and range of movement and motion testing. This process leads to the production of custom-made orthotics to support the feet and aid gait related problems in the back, hips, knees and ankles.

Nail Reconstruction

Nail Fungal Laser Treatment Eradicate nail fungus and stubborn plantar warts with the Margaret Dabbs™ London Laser Nail Fungal Treatment, an exclusively designed laser to treat foot conditions.