Margaret Dabbs London is the globally recognised brand specialising in both credible, results driven feet, hands and leg products and also manicure, pedicure and leg treatments for both men and women which will provide effective, long lasting anti-ageing for hands, feet and legs. Our philosophy is simple – your hands, feet and legs are very important to your look and well-being and we give to them the respect you and they deserve. Book a treatment or buy some products – you will be in for a treat!

The Margaret Dabbs London Fabulous Hands and Feet Product range is sold at some of the world’s most iconic retailers and our specialist treatments are performed at leading hotels and spas globally. Our secret is to fuse together the best of medical with the best of beauty to produce a unique range of effective, results-driven yet luxurious products and treatments. We can do this so well because of our unrivalled expertise, experience and professional standards in this area.

Margaret Dabbs London now consists of nine clinics in the UK, one in Dubai and one in Doha, Qatar, with another one set to open in the very near future – there could be one near you!

At the heart of the business is Margaret herself who as our founder has guided the business and infused her own philosophy and beliefs into all of our products and treatments. She alone has put hands and feet back where they belong – at the forefront of the beauty industry.

Margaret Dabbs Biography

Margaret Dabbs is passionate about hands and feet. She is the celebrated podiatrist and foot expert who founded her first foot clinic in London in 1998 in private consulting rooms in the Harley Street area of Central London. She went on to create the Margaret Dabbs London brand to include foot clinics with nails spas across the UK and internationally, introducing teams of both qualified podiatrists and professional beauticians to perform her unique treatments.

It was here she pioneered the now world renowned Medical Pedicure and went on personally to craft her own line of award-winning products and treatments for use in her clinics. These were designed to bridge the gap that she saw in the market and to provide expert, credible, results driven foot and hand treatments.

Margaret felt that beauty products for the feet did not work on a treatment level, and that the treatment remedies which were available were often unpleasant to use. She sourced ingredients from around the world and formulated products to meet the demands and needs of her patients while ensuring that the scent, look and feel of these products were unlike anything that had been pioneered previously, products that were beautifying, anti-ageing and luxurious but also exceptionally effective on a treatment level.

The key super ingredient, around which the Margaret Dabbs London products are based, is Australian Emu Oil. Renowned for its incredible healing properties, and aboriginal in origin, Emu Oil has been used medicinally for thousands of years.

This innovative, unique fusion of beauty and health for the hands and feet transformed the market – celebrating the quality and effectiveness that comes from years of hand and foot expertise.

Clinics & Treatments

Margaret Dabbs London fuses health and beauty for the feet. The Foot Clinics have a reputation for excellence, utilising innovative techniques giving effective, safe, and long lasting results for foot conditions for both men and women. Manicures and Pedicures performed to the highest standards are offered at all Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinics & Nail Spas. All the treatments performed feature Margaret’s award winning Fabulous Hands & Feet product range.


The first true beauty regime for feet, created by leading foot expert Margaret Dabbs. These luxurious foot care products have been expertly formulated to give you healthy, gorgeous feet. Using organic emu oil for its anti-ageingmoisturising and healingproperties, and wonderful scented lemon myrtle, these products will give you amazing long lasting results and beautiful feet.

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