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Dubai, UAE

Margaret Dabbs London Sole Lounge Dubai UAE

Level Shoes, Ground Floor, Dubai Mall, Dubai, UAE

Monday to Sunday: 10.00am – 8.00pm

February 2013 saw Margaret Dabbs venture out of London for the first time and into Level Shoes, Dubai Mall, Dubai UAE. The 96.000-square-foot of shoe frenzy is the perfect fit for the aptly named Margaret Dabbs London Sole Lounge and has built a hugely loyal clientele of men and women over this time.

Margaret Dabbs London is the leading Brand globally for feet and hand treatments and products, and the pioneers of cosmetic podiatry with a firm eye on the end treatment result. Our Margaret Dabbs London fully qualified, highly trained HCPC registered Podiatrists are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and perform their world-renowned treatments in beautiful stylish private treatment rooms.
Margaret Dabbs London Dubai Mall is the only place in Dubai to experience the Brands Medical Pedicure and advanced foot treatments, and our anti-ageing treatment glove manicures and outstanding beauty pedicures, performed by our own expertly trained Nail Technicians.

Margaret Dabbs London offers the full range of the Brand’s sought-after truly effective luxury products for your Feet, Hands and Legs. Pioneering the use of high-quality, efficacious ingredients, we fuse together the best of medical science with the best of beauty for a range of results driven, at-home products. The award-winning line-up combines luxury textures with highly effective formulations, and includes leading ingredients usually reserved for anti-ageing facial skincare products.

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