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Menopausal Symptoms

Women in their 40s or 50s go through menopause – the end of the menstrual cycle due to changing oestrogen hormone levels. While it is a completely natural process the resulting hormone imbalance is often accompanied by unpleasant physical and emotional symptoms. Both perimenopause and postmenopause can contribute to unpleasant symptoms affecting our legs, including water retention, puffiness and swelling, hot leg syndrome, restless legs and cramping, circulatory issues, cellulite, and a reduction in skin quality.

Instant Relief for Your Legs During Menopause 

It has been reported that daily use of the Leg Serum can make all the difference. It contains the key ingredient Legance™  which is clinically proven to reduce water retention, target puffiness and swelling, and relieve restless legs, giving immediate relief.

Your go-to secret to getting over post-menopausal symptoms.

  • Targets Puffiness and Water Retention to Help with the Leg Swelling
  • Treats Restless Legs and Cramping
  • Tackles overheating providing Instant Cooling Effect to Relieve Hot, Puffy Legs at Night
  • Prevents Development of Cellulite by Stimulating Healthy Circulation
  • Tones, Firms and Tightens the Skin with a ‘Support Stocking’ Effect

Once applied it cools the skin immediately and feels like you are wearing invisible support stockings.  

Margaret says: “Use the Firming Leg Serum in place of your body lotion every day for maximum benefit to help combat puffiness and water retention. Use it just prior to going to bed to help alleviate the symptoms of restless legs and overheating, and before a night out to instantly re-energise and improve the appearance of your legs. Apply from your ankles up to your bottom and include the tummy and upper arms too.”