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Yellowing or discoloured could simply be caused by migrating fake tan, staining or dehydration from nail polish or smoking.  Thickened toenails can be a result of nail bed damage, trauma to the nail from injury or ill-fitting shoes. or they can thicken with age. Fungal nails are systemic, are difficult to treat topically and require expert care.

How to Prevent Discoloured or Damaged Toenails

Prevent yellowing of the nail by using a base coat before polish. If wearing a faux tan use a wet flannel to wipe the toenails after you have applied the tan. Foot hygiene is very important as a fungal skin condition can transmit to the nails, and be mindful of communal changing rooms. Wear comfortable shoes to reduce repetitive trauma to the nails.

How To Treat Discoloured or Damaged Toenails