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How To Treat Sweaty Feet and Foot Odour

There are around 250,000 sweat glands in the sole of each foot, producing up to half a pint of perspiration a day. The sweat glands are more concentrated in the feet than in any other part of the body, so it is unsurprising that this can be problematic for some people. Excess sweating and odour can be an uncomfortable andoften embarrassing issue for many people. As we go through the ageing process the sweat glands can reduce in effectiveness, which is why sweaty feet and odour is generally more prevalent in younger people – but not always so! Some people suffer from excess sweating called hyperhidrosis throughout their lives. Following our advice below will help you to overcome the problems associated with the condition called hyperhidrosis which is excess sweating of the feet.

What are the Causes of Sweaty Feet and Foot Odour?

There are many causes of sweaty feet (which may lead to odour):

  • Hyper hidrosis – excess sweating
  • Being physically active whilst wearing closed footwear
  • Repeatedly wearing the same footwear without the opportunity for them to dry out
  • Women may find their feet sweat more during pregnancy due to hormonal changes
  • Closed footwear designed with non-breathable material
  • Poor foot hygiene
  • Foot odour is caused by the bacterial growth on the skin from old sweat
  • Excess sweating of the feet with moisture and warmth can provide conditions in which the fungal condition of Athlete’s Foot or can develop and thrive
  • Foot odour may also be a symptom of a fungal nail infection

Symptoms of Sweaty Feet and Odour
The key signs and symptoms of sweaty feet or foot odour are:

  • Moist, damp skin
  • Skin which has a “pitted” appearance
  • Socks that are damp to the touch and smell strongly when you take off your shoes
  • Footwear which is damp when removed and smells
  • Symptoms associated with Athletes foot such as broken skin between the toes, redness of the skin, peeling skin and itchiness
  • Nails which peel and cuticle areas around the toenails which have the appearance of being soggy and generally looking unhealthy
  • Broken skin or blisters

How to Treat Sweaty Feet and Odour
Foot hygiene is very important if you do suffer with sweaty feet. Keep feet clean and as dry as possible with clean dry socks and fresh shoes daily. Follow these tips at home to treat sweating feet and odour.

  • Ensure good foot hygiene by washing your feet in the bath or shower in the morning and also the evening before going to bed
  • Ensure you dry your feet carefully, paying special attention to drying between the toes and use a hairdryer on cool mode to ensure they are completely dry
  • Change your footwear daily, and alternate your footwear if you can
  • Wear clean socks every day and change them through the day if they get very damp
  • Try to avoid wearing closed shoes or trainers without socks
  • To prevent excess sweating and odour apply the Margaret Dabbs London Soothing Foot Powder generously all over your feet in the morning when they are clean and then immediately put on your socks
  • If you have difficulty keeping the feet dry through the day and have ongoing foot odour use the Foot Cleansing Wipes to help keep away bacterial infections of the skin, cool the skin of the feet, and refresh through the day
  • In the evening use the Foot Hygiene Cream after showering and before going bed. This will treat the associated symptoms of Athletes Foot, itchiness, broken skin and fungal nail conditions
  • At the end of the day when you take off your shoes spray your shoes with the Margaret Dabbs London Shoe & Insole Cleansing Spray which will kill the bacteria and associated odour and keep your footwear fresh
  • Use the 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener to clean, purify and dry your shoes

Start by using the Foot Hygiene Cream at night, and thereafter use the Soothing Foot Powder every morning, including inside socks and shoes and the Foot Hygiene Cream every evening. If you have difficulty keeping the feet dry through the day use the Foot Cleansing Wipes to help keep away bacterial infections of the skin, and refresh through the day. Foot odour will soon be a thing of the past and your feet will look and feel more healthy and fresh.

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