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Biomechanical Assessment

A biomechanical assessment is a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the functioning of the lower limb, which might include also looking at the spine and shoulder. It is undertaken by an experienced podiatrist with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the foot and skeleton. This assessment includes muscle, joint and range of movement and motion testing. The Podiatrist will be knowledgeable in the latest evidence-based scanning technology and medical research, and sophisticated data enables us to diagnose and treat functioning conditions in a way that are specific to the individual.  This process can lead to the production of custom-made orthotics to support the feet and aid gait-related foot problems as well as pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles.

To book a Biomechanical Assessment or for further information click here: Margaret Dabbs London Clinics.

Biomechanical Assessment with a fully qualified Podiatrist 45 mins £90 (London) | £85 (Excl. London)
With a  Senior Podiatrist | £105 (London) | £100 (Excl. London)

With a Principal Podiatrist | £145 (London) | £130 (Excl. London)

With a Biomechanical Specialist | £190 (London) | £160 (Excl. London)


Prescription Orthotics from £440.00

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