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Laser Consultation with Instant Fungal Studies

The laser consultation is an in depth discussion with a qualified laser therapy podiatrist, who is skilled in understanding, diagnosing, and recommending your suitability for the laser treatment. This is also a chance for the podiatrist to talk about the pros and cons of undertaking the treatment, what to expect and what it might feel like. During this consultation, you will also undertake pathology by way of an Instant fungal nail test. This is a quick test to confirm the diagnosis of the existence of fungal spores in your toe nail/s to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment. The Instant test will involve taking a small sample of your nail and analysing the results- this is pain free and extremely accurate. External Laboratory Nail Pathology testing is also available with a turn around time of 7-14 days.

Instant Pathology Testing £45
External Laboratory Pathology Testing £70

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