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Medical Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction is for those people who have either disfigured or damaged toenails or toenails that have been lost as a result of trauma or an accident. At Margaret Dabbs London we understand that the psychological impact of being embarrassed or ashamed of our feet has a huge impact on our personal identity. Nail reconstruction is a procedure undertaken by a qualified podiatrist through which we rebuild the visual appearance of a toenail so that it looks similar to the rest of your toenails. The nail reconstruction application uses a resin which is mixed and activated to form the new nail. The procedure is pain free, has positive, long lasting visual outcomes and encourages healthy new nail growth.

This treatment is particularly useful before a beach holiday for men or women or before a special event or occasion.

30 mins with a fully qualified Podiatrist | £90

With a Senior Podiatrist | £110

With a Principal Podiatrist | £120

20 mins | £50 per nail

For further information contact one of our Margaret Dabbs London Clinics.

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