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Foot Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve functioning. At Margaret Dabbs™ London Clinics Foot Acupuncture is performed by a qualified Podiatrist as a quick, safe, and effective way of relieving foot and joint pain, as well as being an alternative holistic treatment for verrucae. Sterilised acupuncture needles are used and manipulated in the various pressure points found in the foot to aid recovery and provide relief.

It is particularly helpful when used in conjunction with the bunion prevention therapies as it helps to maintain the range of movement of the joint and therefore slows deterioration of wear and tear changes. It is also used to aid recovery following surgery or injury.

Consultation is required to assess the condition prior to treatment being commenced and can be undertaken at a regular 45-minute medical pedicure treatment.

Medical Pedicure with a fully qualified Podiatrist 45 mins | £85.00

With a Senior Podiatrist | £100.00

With a Principal Podiatrist | £130.00

Foot Acupuncture – 15 mins | £48.00

For further information contact one of our Margaret Dabbs™ London Clinics.

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