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Custom-Moulded Orthotics, powered by FootBalance®

Welcome to the future of foot care! Margaret Dabbs® London is now integrating the MyFootBalance®, patented 3D foot scanning technology into their renowned Professional Medical Pedicure treatment.

This treatment provides a world-class in-clinic experience to all their customers, featuring a personalised health-based 3D foot analysis and an exclusive range of custom-moulded orthotics, making it a pivotal element of the most comprehensive health-based foot scanning service on the market. It recommends relevant products to customers based on their foot function, symptoms, and personalised needs.

FootBalance is a Nordic, holistic, health-driven brand, proud of its medical origins and guided by evidence and science. With its holistic approach to foot health & wellbeing, FootBalance strives to improve quality of life, making lives better and keeping us active, fit and pain-free. FootBalance is present in more than 40 countries across 1,500 points of distribution, having conducted more than 5 million foot analyses and sold over 4 million custom orthotics worldwide.

Additional Information

  • When a Medical Pedicure is booked the appointment automatically includes a 3D Foot Scan and moulding of the insoles. The scan will take place at the start of the appointment, followed by the moulding and then onto the Medial Pedicure. Due to booking times and multiple pods working in a clinic they may do the scan at the end of the treatment.
  • Medical Pedicure appointments are 55 minutes (including the 3D Foot Scan) and start at £90 – £105 for an appointment with a Senior Podiatrist or £140 for an appointment with the Principal Podiatrist.
  • 3D Foot Scan independently cost is £50 however the amount is redeemable when the insoles are purchased.
  • Custom moulded orthotics £175 per pair, 2 pairs (for multiple shoes) 20% off second pair when bought on the same day.
  • 3D Foot Scan is available in Marylebone, Notting Hill, John Lewis & Partners White City, Guilford, Alderley Edge, Harrogate, Glasgow, and Cheltenham Clinics.
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