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Nail Surgery

Nail Surgery at Margaret Dabbs London is undertaken for those challenging toe nails that have resisted more conservative treatments. The nails can become ingrown into the sides of the toe and become infected on a recurring basis. Infection of the soft tissues around the toe nails, is an incredibly painful condition and can lead to immobility, discomfort in footwear and can impact day to day activities. There are two types of surgery, partial nail removal or a total – the choice of surgery is dependent on the condition you have and the quality of your nails. The procedure is undertaken under local anaesthetic and usually completed within 1.5 hours. Once the part of the nail is removed, an acid is used to cauterize the base of the nail, so that this part of the nail does not grow back. You will need to return for two redressing appointments and follow guidance closely. This is one of the most effective ways of treating recurrent ingrown toenails.

Prices start from £400 – £800

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