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The Power of Podiatry and Strength Training

Are you striving for peak fitness performance? Look no further than the often-overlooked foundation of your body – your feet. Podiatry, the specialised care for your feet and lower limbs, plays a crucial role in enhancing your workouts and overall well-being.

Victoria Fresneda, a Principal Musculoskeletal Specialist Podiatrist at Margaret Dabbs® London, highlights the significant impact of podiatry on fitness performance. She emphasises how many fitness-related issues, such as tight calf muscles and weak ankle joints, stem from foot-related problems.

Regular visits to a podiatrist not only help identify potential foot issues early on but also offer comprehensive preventive care. Through Medical Pedicures and 3D Foot Scans, podiatrists like Victoria can diagnose and treat conditions, preventing injuries and optimising foot function.

One of the key components of podiatric care is custom-moulded orthotics, tailored to your unique gait. Ella, a customer of Margaret Dabbs® London, never thought she needed Orthotics, but after receiving them, “was blown away at the difference and would not want to be without them ever again. Even [her] posture improved.” She continued; “I don’t think I could live without them now that I have them.”

Margaret Dabbs® London goes a step further by integrating FootBalance technology into their Medical Pedicure. This cutting-edge 3D Foot Scanning technology provides a personalised health-based analysis, recommending custom-moulded orthotics to address specific foot concerns.

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