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Take Control of your Foot Health with a Biomechanical Assessment

Whether you suffer from undiagnosed foot pain, or whether you’re a dedicated runner, a high heel addict, or someone that thrives on a fast-paced workday this National Feet Week take control of your foot health.

Given their crucial function day in, day out the feet don’t really get the attention they deserve. This is where you should consider a Margaret Dabbs™ London Biomechanical Assessment.  A Biomechanical Assessment is a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the functioning of the lower limb, which might also include looking at the spine and shoulder. It is undertaken by an experienced HCPC registered podiatrist with an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of the foot and skeleton. This assessment includes muscle, joint and range of movement and motion testing. The Podiatrist will be knowledgeable in the latest evidence-based scanning technology and medical research, and sophisticated data enables us to diagnose and treat functioning conditions in a way that are specific to the individual.  This process may lead to the production of custom-made orthotics to support the feet and aid gait-related problems in the back, hips, knees and ankles.

Bespoke orthotics are custom-made insoles that provide extra support for your feet, they are specific and unique to you and designed to help with common foot complaints. You may find yourself with hard-skin build up in certain areas of the soles of your feet indicating gait-related issues, you may have persistent foot and ankle pain or realises that you have abnormal foot posture, knee pain, hip pain, or foot and ankle instability. You may experience ongoing issues with bunion pain or the need to offload weight which is causing callus build-up.

At Margaret Dabbs™ London clinics we tailor our bespoke orthotics to your needs, adapt the size, depth, and width to fit into various forms of footwear, including for sports use, casual wear or work shoes for men, women, and children. All are designed for corrective purposes and to reduce ongoing foot and ankle abnormalities which if left untreated can lead to more chronic and extensive foot and ankle abnormalities.

Benefit from our exclusive offer of £85 off any of our custom-made, fitted and fully casted orthoses – when purchased on the same day that they are prescribed from a Biomechanical Assessment. Offer redeemable only at Margaret Dabbs™ London Clinics in Alderley Edge, Cheltenham, Harrogate and Glasgow.

To book a Biomechanical Assessment or for further information please contact any of the out of London Clinics  by clicking HERE.