How To Treat Water Retention

Symptoms of Water Retention:

  • Swelling
  • Aching
  • When pressed, the skin may hold the indent for a few seconds

How to Treat Legs Suffering from Water Retention:

  1. Using wet hands apply a layer of Toning Leg Scrub all over each leg starting from the foot, moving to the top of the thighs. Massage into legs in a circular motion for maximum effect. Remove with warm water. The scrubbing action and massage will help to encourage blood and lymph flow and reduce water retention.
  2. Use the Black Leg Masque 1-2 times a week. Apply a thin layer evenly to the legs, from the feet all the way to the top of the thigh. Leave on for 10-15 minutes or until the masque turns a pale silver grey. Rinse off with lukewarm water. On application the masque provides an instant cooling sensation to soothe aching, swollen legs while key ingredient Legance is clinically proven to help to reduce water retention and refine the adipose tissue to give legs a more contoured appearance.
  3. Massage the Firming Leg Serum in to the skin using long upward strokes, starting from the ankles and working towards the thighs. The upward movement combined with the key ingredient of Legance in the serum will help to encourage lymphatic flow and drainage and reduce water retention, swelling and puffiness.


Water retention occurs when fluid isn’t removed from the body’s tissues, including the skin. There are numerous causes for water retention, particularly in the summer months when the weather is hot. Up your water intake, ensure you are getting enough exercise and build this simple treatment regime in to your daily routine to see results and get fast relief from uncomfortable symptoms.