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How to Get Summer Ready Feet

The arrival of Summer and the warm weather brings with it many delights.  The days are longer, we spend more time outside, we generally socialise more and we love the opportunity to wear our Summer clothes.

It is also the time we delight in changing our winter shoes and boots for open shoes and sandals.  We may prepare our body for the big reveal by doing extra exercise, using exfoliating scrubs and applying self-tan creams and skin firming lotions and potions, but what about our feet – how do we get them back on track and looking the way they used to when we were younger?

We have the insider secrets to doing just that, and you will be amazed when you find out that it is not anywhere near as difficult as you think – and we defy anyone to try our top summer foot care tips and not get your “best feet” back.

Get rid of hard and dry skin

The embarrassment of being seen with excess hard and dry skin can be overcome easily when you know how  – you need to get rid of the hard-dry skin and then you need to apply a foot lotion that is going to stop it returning.  We are not talking ineffective beauty pedicures here – we are talking no-nonsense professional tools and products which you are going to use at home to get results that are better than any beauty salon you have ever visited.

The Margaret Dabbs™ London Professional Foot File is a 5-star tool for a reason – this is the best foot file on the market and the last foot file you will ever buy – the stainless steel handle lasts forever and it comes with crushed crystal technology replacement pads.

Use this foot file on your feet when they are dry – before you have had a bath or shower – as this is how you will get the very best long-lasting and most effective results.  If your feet are wet, firstly it masks the area to be treated and secondly, the skin becomes softer and the foot file won’t adhere as well to the skin. The beauty of the crushed crystal exfoliating pads means that the skin of the feet is left soft and silky – without ridges or any uneven areas.

Hydrate with a foot moisturiser

So, you have removed the hard skin, now it is time to bring your feet back to life with the perfect foot moisturiser.  The Margaret Dabbs™ London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion has been formulated especially for feet. Not only does it feel divine, silky, smooth and light, but it also acts to reduce hard skin build-up.  Scented with Lemon Myrtle, it has antibacterial and antifungal qualities and helps to reduce bone and joint inflammation and re-hydrate the skin of your feet. Use it as part of your daily routine, to keep your feet in perfect condition and deliver you that “walking on air experience”.

File your nails for a salon-ready look

If you really want to step it up another notch, then a great way to really make your feet look like you have had a professional salon pedicure is to use our crystal nail file to shape the nails straight across – try it, as it immediately gives the nails that groomed look.  Another little trick is to use this crystal file on its flat side to reduce ridges or nails which are thickened.

Keep your feet clean at home and on-the-go

If you wear flip flops and sandals regularly you may find that it’s hard to get your feet completely clean – and using the foot file followed by the exfoliating foot scrub will help with that. Use the scrub all over the feet and between the toes to give you completely new feet – try it – especially if you suffer from broken skin between the toes, cracks or the common symptoms of athlete’s foot.

Follow with the foot lotion for “new feet”.  If you use this a couple of times a week you will keep the feet in good shape.

If you are walking barefoot in the park or garden our Foot Cleansing Wipes are the answer. They will clean and refresh the feet in an instant, and another little tip is that when you are finished cleaning your feet with the wipe, then you can use it to clean the inside of your flip flops or sandals.

Cool down in an instant

Feeling the heat? Meet your summer foot care essential- our brand new Foot Cooling & Cleansing Spray, which instantly helps to relieve the feeling of tired, hot, puffy and aching feet from the first spritz, with an anti-bacterial formulation which leaves feet hygienically clean and fresh. The perfect size for your handbag, gym kit or hand luggage, making it the ideal companion when travelling or on-the-go.

Add some fun with summer nail colours

Bright summer colours on our nails can brighten our minds and we can have fun with it, and even match our colour choice to our mood and our clothes. We love Frangipani (coral pink), Love in a Mist (sky blue) and Cunard Red (orange/red). Just remember to apply the Conditioning Base Coat first to seal the nail and protect from dryness and discolouration. Finish off with a coat of the Longwear Top Coat to maximise wear and give you long-lasting, glossy summer nails.