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The 4 Simple Steps to Stunning Feet After Lockdown

Prepare Your Feet for Brighter Days with a Luxury Foot Treatment at Home
Government restrictions are easing; the spring sun is shining and it’s time to revive and beautify your feet in advance of the post-lockdown events you’ve been very patiently waiting for.
Optimism is in the air as restaurants, bars and gyms start to reopen their doors to welcome back the community.
Compared to previous lockdowns, the public is far more optimistic about rejoining their friends and family for the celebrations to come. Recent findings from IPOS revealed that over 4 in 5 people in the UK are excited to meet their friends and family outside of their house following the third lockdown, whilst 6 in 10 are most looking forward to attending parties such as weddings, birthdays and social events once it’s safe to do so. However, as so many have sacrificed their regular beauty appointments as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, channelling the magic of the spa at home will be the key to achieving that pre-event glow.
As we look ahead to exciting days to come, it’s never been more important to give our feet some extra special care; after all, they’ve carried us through what has been an exceptionally challenging time and enabled us to venture out on the scenic daily walks that have helped many of us stay positive throughout the pandemic. As part of your post-lockdown Margaret Dabbs London beauty checklist, we’ve compiled four simple steps to achieving the gorgeous feet you deserve before stepping into your best high heels or sandals.
Let our Expert Footcare Put a Spring in Your Step
For those that have experienced tired, cracked or aching feet during the long lockdown months or for those who just simply want to experience that walking on air feeling, our results-driven home footcare treatment range marries the benefits of beauty and medical science for instant and stunning results at home.
Step 1 – Prepare
To remove even the most stubborn, calloused dry skin, begin your luxury at-home spa treatment with the HCPC podiatrist-approved Margaret Dabbs London Professional Foot File. Be sure to start with dry feet to ensure quality results and avoid the risk of infection, gently buffing the drier areas of skin around the heels and ball of the foot. This step is perfect for those that suffer from athlete’s foot as it helps remove the infected tissue with ease, revealing skin that is smooth to the touch.
Step 2 – Treat
Discover the miracle formulas of the highly-coveted Margaret Dabbs London Cracked Heel Treatment Balm and Foot Hygiene Cream. Both formulated with caring active botanicals that possess anti-bacterial properties these exclusive treatments target uncomfortable, fatigued skin for feet that feel brand new. For cracked heels, massage a small amount of our superb Cracked Heel Treatment Balm into the heels before you go to bed for outstanding treatment results and visibly youthful-looking skin overnight. For those who suffer from itchy feet or generally want to improve the way their feet look and feel, warm the beautifully scented Margaret Dabbs London Foot Hygiene Cream in your hands before applying to the feet and nails. This step is sure to provide instant relief for dry, itchy, swollen feet and uplift the feet with a healthy, rejuvenating effect.
Step 3 – Nourish and Glow
To leave the feet looking illuminated after just one use, experience Margaret’s favourite product and the very first she created; The Margaret Dabbs London Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. Just the smallest amount of this luxurious formula has a transformative effect on the feet and is the perfect radiance booster ahead of your first event out of lockdown. In gentle movements, apply massage our remarkable, lightweight foot lotion to all areas of the foot, focusing on the front and reveal fresh, silky skin in seconds.
Elevate Your Look
Looking to create a show-stopping look for your reunion celebrations? Choose from 72 unique Vitamin E enriched nail polishes in a range of neutral, pastel and bold shades to complete your professional pedicure. Apply a coat of the Margaret Dabbs London Conditioning Base Coat for optimal results before applying your head-turning colour of choice. Keep your pedicure looking flawless with our Longwear Top Coat that effectively prevents chipping and fading. The final coat also adds a desirable high-gloss effect to create a professional gel look without the need for a UV lamp.

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