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How to Keep Your Hands Clean at Home and On-The-Go

With lockdown restrictions slowly beginning to lift, people are cautiously starting to head back out into public spaces, be that for work or leisure. The widely speculated opening of shops, schools and cafes is cause for hope and concern at the same time – whilst we’re looking forward to getting some of our freedoms back, we’re also worried about how to keep ourselves and our families safe. Keeping our hands clean at all times has never been so important, so it’s vital that we’re prepared before we leave the house.

When it comes to hand cleanliness, we have all the tips and tricks you need to know about, and the hand care products you need to do so. Carry on reading to find out the best ways to ensure your hands stay hygienically clean and luxuriously soft both at home and on-the-go.

How to wash your hands properly

Washing your hands frequently throughout the day is the best way to maintain cleanliness and prevent illnesses.

To remove bacteria from your hands and to prevent it spreading, you should aways wash your hands:

  • After going to the bathroom
  • Before preparing and eating food
  • After sneezing, coughing or blowing your nose
  • Before and after treating cuts and wounds

To ensure you maintain cleanliness and remove bacteria, the NHS recommends following the below handwashing process:

  • Rinse hands under warm water and apply soap, using enough to cover both of your hands. We recommend using Margaret Dabbs™ London Nourishing Hand Wash to cleanse, hydrate and soften your skin.
  • Gently rub your hands together cleaning inbetween the fingers and the front and back of the hands
  • Clean the back of your fingers by rubbing against your palms
  • Rub and clean your thumbs with the opposite hand
  • Clean your finger tips by rubbing them on the palm of your opposite hand
  • Rinse hands under warm water
  • Completely dry your hands with a disposable towel or air dryer

Washing your hands thoroughly should take you around 20 seconds,

The Margaret Dabbs™ London Nourishing Handwash uses luxury ingredients and is formulated with hempseed and olive oils in order to moisturise, soothe and protect the skin barrier. Using this handwash will give an intensive clean whilst hydrating and softening the skin.

How to keep your hands clean on the move

When you’re on the move, whether it’s travelling to and from work or running errands, it’s harder to keep on top of washing your hands as there isn’t always running water at hand. However, there’s a perfect solution for this – the Hydrating Hand Sanitiser from Margaret Dabbs™ London.

The 50ml size is perfect for your handbag or pocket, making it the ideal companion to carry around with you no matter where you go. Simply apply a small amount of gel to dry hands and massage into the skin to leave your hands feeling clean and fresh.

Ideal for travellers and commuters, this hand sanitiser gel is enriched with emu oil and plant extracts that not only cleans and refreshes your hands, but retains the skin’s moisture and leaves them feeling hydrated. A lot of hand sanitisers tend to dry out the skin, but the ingredients of hempseed oil and white water lily give you the luxury cleanliness your hands crave.

The Hand Sanitiser is also available in larger sizes, including the 200ml which is ideal for regular use when you’re at home or at work, and the 600ml supersize, which is great for refilling your smaller bottle and keeping you going for months!

Taking care of your hands and incorporating hand care into your daily routine is the best solution to achieving that luxuriously soft feeling you’ve been dreaming about. Not only will your hands feel healthy, fresh and hydrated, you’ll be in the best position to prevent any illnesses coming your way – it’s a win-win situation.