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Foot Concerns

Athlete’s Foot

  • Broken skin, which often has a underlying “redness” to the skin.
  • Broken skin between the toes.
  • Scaly skin.
  • Often itchiness and blistering.
  • Can be associated with sweaty feet, and sometimes odour.

Cracks In The Skin Of The Feet

  • Superficial or deep cracks in the skin of the feet.

Extremely Dehydrated Skin On The Feet

  • Very dry, powdery, often thin, scaly skin on the feet. 

Sweaty Feet and Odour

  • Moist skin.
  • Smelly feet. 
  • Broken skin or blisters.

Foot Verruca (Adults and Children)

  • Verruca can show as a “spot” or many “spots” on the feet which don’t usually hurt when you walk on them unless they are in a weight bearing position of the foot, but if you knock the area or apply “sideways pressure” you will experience a stinging pain.

Damaged Crumbly, Toe Nails

  • Discoloured, broken crumbling nails, ridged, yellow nails.

Hard Skin On The Feet

  • Hard skin.
  • Callus build up.


  • Gives the appearance of a bony swelling at the side of the big toe and can also be associated with inflammation, pain and redness. 
  • The big toe is not straight and points in the direction of the 5th toe of the same foot.

Not Too Bad Feet

  • Lifeless, dry skin.
  • Dehydrated, grey skin on the feet.

HAND Concerns

Age Spots On Hands

  • Areas of increased pigmentation on the skin of the hands including freckles. Can range from black to light tan in colour and can be an odd spot or over a larger area.  
  • Often associated with skin that has lost its bounce and where skin has thinned.  More prevalent on skin that has been overexposed to sunlight.

Weak Or Damaged Finger Nails

  • Weak, thin, flaky nails which break often, have ridges and can also appear opaque and dehydrated.

Hands With Thin Dry Skin And Wrinkles

  • Fine thin skin, wrinkles and crepey skin which can also appear translucent in fair skin.

Dehydrated Skin Of The Hands

  • Skin that has lost its plumpness and bounce. It can appear dull and sagging.
  • In extreme cases the skin can have underlying redness or cracks, it can be itchy and can have a form of dermatitis.

Loss Of Volume In The Skin Of The Hands

  • Sagging and crepiness.
  • Loss of fat and elasticity.