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Laser Rejuvenating Hand Lift

Margaret Dabbs London has come up with a solution to a problem most of us will recognise that hands will reveal your true age! The beauty world offers many solutions for facial anti-ageing but often little care is taken in how our hands have aged and look even though our hands are the most used and exposed part of our body.

The Laser Rejuvenating Hand Lift has been clinically proven to stimulate and regrow new healthy skin cells from the hypodermis which will tighten and illuminate the skin, visibly minimise the effects of ageing and successfully regenerate lost collagen.

The course is made up of six 50 minutes laser treatments which are performed at 4 weekly intervals. A controlled release of energy is applied through the laser beam to the skin on the hands. The laser energy penetrates through the dermis and stimulates collagen production.

To optimise results and protect from further ageing, the treatment must be combined with the use of our Home Care kit, including the award winning anti-ageing hand serum to control the appearance of age spots and even out the skin tone.

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The Laser Rejuvenating Hand Lift is recommended to anyone who is concerned about the appearance of ageing hands, has loss of skin volume and elasticity, uneven skin tone, wrinkles or thin skin.

Patch Test 30 minutes* | £50

Laser Hand Treatment 50 minutes | £150

Course of 6 Treatments purchased £750 (saving £150)

Home Care Kit £100
Salon size Anti-ageing Hand Serum 150ml, Hand Lotion 200ml, SPF30 100ml

*A patch test will be performed at the time of consultation. Deductible against the cost of the course of the total.