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We combine the very best of medical science with the best of beauty to create the most wonderful and luxurious treatments for feet, hands and legs including the world–renowned Medical Pedicure and the superb Margaret Dabbs London Supreme Manicure.

Clinics throughout the UK, Spain and Dubai.


“Whatever your need, medical or cosmetic, our world famous Medical Pedicure is the solution.  45 minutes of foot transformation by a fully qualified podiatrist may just change your life.”


This luxury, expert pedicure provides the same core treatment as the Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure but utilises the full product range finishing with exfoliation, a foot bath and includes a luxury foot and lower leg massage with oxygen therapy.

A full foot and leg assessment carried out by the podiatrist using the latest evidence based 3D scanning technology, highlighting pressure points and arch height. This assessment includes muscle, joint and range of movement and motion testing.


Eradicate nail fungus and stubborn plantar warts with the Margaret Dabbs London Fungal Nail Laser Therapy, an exclusively designed laser to treat foot conditions.

Treatment for plantar fasciitis, ligament and joint pain, common foot pain and pre and post-surgery care. Quick and effective, giving outstanding long term results.

Recommended for anyone who is concerned about the appearance of ageing hands, loss of skin volume and elasticity, uneven skin tone and wrinkles or thin skin.


We can keep you looking groomed and polished. Expert manicures and pedicures for fabulous hands and feet, for him and for her. Performed by professionally trained Margaret Dabbs London nail technicians, our manicures and pedicures are the best in the business. 

Leg Therapies by Margaret Dabbs London have medical and beauty benefits and contain key ingredients of Legance and V-Tonic complex focusing on venous de-congestion and foot and lower leg swelling whilst at the same time transforming legs leaving them feeling smooth, visibly more slender, silky and light.

Our Reflexology focuses on applying pressure to specific parts of the feet to rebalance mind, body and soul. Used to aid the body’s natural healing process and help it to function more efficiently and effectively, it can treat a wide range of conditions including tension, stress and anxiety, migraines and insomnia.