Reflexology focuses on applying pressure to specific parts of the feet to rebalance mind, body and soul. Reflexology is used to aid the body’s natural healing process, helping it to function more efficiently and effectively and can treat a wide range of conditions including, tension, stress and anxiety, migraine and insomnia. Choose from one of our five alternative Reflexology treatments. To book a Reflexology Treatment or for further information contact one of Margaret Dabbs Clinics.


Jet Lag A rejuvenating and energising treatment, to help adjust the mind and body to the ideal time zone. Perfect for those returning or planning a long haul trip. 50 mins | £70.00

Peace & Calm For complete stress reduction and total relaxation, this treatment will help to slow you down, sooth away tension and aid restful sleep. 50 mins | £70.00

Rise & Shine Feeling tired or depressed? This treatment will help lift your mood and boost energy levels. 50 mins | £70.00

Fresh Start For those feeling sluggish, slow or heavy, release unwanted toxins with this treatment to truly cleanse your soul and start afresh. 50 mins | £70.00


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