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Take your feet back to how they used to look with this superb Foot File.  The ultimate tool for removing hard skin from your feet quickly and easily. This is the best Foot File you will ever use. It is hygienic, comes with 4 pads and lasts a life-time. Delivers new feet after the first use.

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Known as the Rolls-Royce of foot files, our multi-award winning Professional Foot File is the ultimate tool for achieving professional results at home. The abrasive pads are designed using crushed crystal technology, which works to remove hard, dry skin and callus evenly, finely and effectively leaving your feet completely smooth. The stainless steel long handle lasts a life time and it comes ready to use with 2 pads, as well as 2 additional Replacement Pads, each of which lasts approximately 3 months. It is suitable for men and women and comes with full instructions for use. This is the best and last Foot File you will ever buy.

Use the Margaret Dabbs London Foot File with the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion. The Foot Lotion works to visibly reduce hard skin build up, hydrates and illuminates the skin and leaves you feeling like you are walking on air.

In The Press:

“Longer lasting and better results” – Hello!, August 2020

“Remove hard skin and callus build-up effectively, immediately and safely” – GQ, April 2020

Who is it best for?

The Professional Foot File is designed for regular use as part of a self-care routine, and to help those with:

✔️ Dry, dehydrated, lifeless skin

✔️ Thickened or calloused skin

✔️ Cracked heels


18 reviews for Professional Foot File

  1. herridge723

    This is just the best tool out there. My podiatrist and I were a bit startled at how firm the file was and how rough the surface looked. I am a diabetic and need to take great care with my feet, hence why I visit a podiatrist. But once I had plucked up the courage to use it myself, the bliss is just wonderful. And when encouraged by me, my podiatrist said she would be buying one too as it was so good. It is long and very firm, so is easy to use if you have a back problem or arthritis in your hands as I do. The pads last very well – I am still on my first one after several months – and the surface it creates on my feet makes them so comfortable. Just a perfect tool for the job!

  2. Hilary Wellington (verified owner)

    Oh my! I have congenitally deformed feet which have had pads of very hard skin on pressure points since I was a child. For the past four years I’ve had a very painful callous on the ball of my left foot. I have tried so many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products but none has worked. Foot file worked first time. I can walk pain-free for the first time in years, and now love my feet!

  3. Buky

    Does an excellent job.I initially thought £24 was a lot but after reading all the reviews I invested in this foot file and haven’t regretted !!!!

  4. M Ullah

    I’m a man, fast approaching middle age, and my heels can only be described as the texture of a stale french baguette. Perhaps this is due to me walking around bare feet all day, sandals when we go out and having to wash them regularly as part of ablution. I’ve used various feet file’s over years including the PedEgg, Sally’s Pumice stone and callus removers, but hand on heart nothing comes even remotely close to the Margaret Dabb’s foot file. The simple reason is that the metallic body of the file is strong and robust. Therefore you can apply as much pressure as you wish and scrub to your heart’s content without worrying about the file bending or losing traction. Cannot recommend enough.

  5. Lynne Brook (verified owner)

    This foot file is the most amazing file I’ve ever bought. Worth more than 5 stars!
    My feet are looking so smooth…. the file is super easy to use as the handle is the right length to hold and get purchase on when filing.
    A fantastic product which I will be recommending to my friends and family.

  6. Jackie (verified owner)

    Works so well. Excellent result

  7. Jackie (verified owner)

    I love it. Works so well

  8. Patricia Hillier (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Best foot file I have ever used.

  9. Lindsey Tennant

    5 star….not enough for this AMAZING foot file!
    I have spent a fortune in looking fir the ultimate foot products out there to help with the build up of hard skin continually on my feet(due to very high arches)
    So I decided to give this file a go….. omg why did I wait??
    what made me not decide sooner to purchase this magic wand!!!
    The biggest compliment ever is actually my chiropodist of 20years saying “Lindsey I see you have invested at last in a sensible pair of shoes,your feet are so much more smoother with less build up I told you years ago to do this…..omg me having a foot compliment I laughed & laughed Im only used to comments like WOW or ooooooo your feet look like a dinosaurs lol!
    difficult to have pretty feet when they also are a size 8 so thank you Margaret Dabbs or should I say FABBS lol for the 1st time ever my feet look acceptable lol thanks to this amazing product!
    All I can say is this is the Rolls Royce in foot care in my eyes!
    So comfortable to handle so sturdy and easy to control and effortless also no rigorous filing as the quality of the filing pad is exceptional!

  10. Vikki Beesley (verified owner)

    An absolutely amazing product- well worth the investment! It’s just as good as going to a it’s actually better!
    The only thing is that the end that you hold can be quite sharp if you don’t hold it correctly.

  11. Catei (verified owner)

    Wonderful foot file. An immediate improvement in the look and just as important the feel of my feet

  12. Ann Campbell

    Absolutely brilliant the best foot file ever

  13. Emma (verified owner)

    I don’t normally write reviews but I feel I have to in this instance! Having completely ruined my feet wearing heels for many years, I have permanent corns on the tops of my toes and I have spent years visiting a chiropodist having them removed with a knife. I then began doing it myself and combined with wearing flats, they gradually got slightly better but were always present as I still felt self conscious wearing anything which exposed my toes. I decided to do some research into the best foot files because I think I went to deep with my knife and wanted to find something which just removed the dead skin and wasn’t as aggressive. I’ve now used the door file twice and I can’t tell you the difference in my toes already. They are a normal colour and the skin looks like the skin on my unaffected toes. There’s no discomfort from having been too aggressive, as I had with the knife. Overall, I’m ecstatic, roll on summer!

  14. Beth

    I am a therapist & I use this file daily it is thee best foot file I have ever used, takes the hard skin off if the feet so quickly & leaves them silky smooth. ( make sure when filing to do over a towel as it looks like it is snowing due to all the fall of dead dry hard skin )

    Pads are quick and easy to apply & super hygienic too.


  15. mark.biddle10

    A non-aggressive foot file that only needs a little pressure to use and it will get rid of any hard skin. After only a couple of uses I could notice a different in my feet.

  16. Susan Tarrant (verified owner)

    Simply the best foot file I’ve ever had. My feet have never been as good and I’ve replaced all the other foot file products now with just this one. I first thought it was expensive but it is most definitely worth the initial expenditure and is so well made I am sure it will last a lifetime. The replacement pads are very easy to fix to the file.

  17. anniew

    This really is the best foot file you will buy. I hardly ever leave reviews but have been so impressed by this I had to comment. I have tried so many other products and they either take off too much skin (like the razor blade ones) or not enough (standard foot files) or only seem to work on wet skin which damages the skin more. This file works really well on dry skin and leaves a pile of very fine flour like powder so you can see how gentle but how effective it is. Nothing has worked for me before, and being a long term sufferer of excessive hard skin on my feet this is wonderful. My feet look great now, without much effort at all. Put on a good cream afterwards and your feet will feel like new feet. Kay at the Cheltenham clinic introduced me to this product, and I can’t thank her enough! 🙂

  18. Helen

    The best foot file ever! Gets through hard skin like nothing else. My feet take a battering as I work as a dog-walker 5 days a week. But this is great. Never ashamed to bare my hard-working feet in open sandals.

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For optimum results use once a week on dry feet before you have bathed or showered.
Use on areas of thickened or calloused skin being careful not to over-grip the file. For hard skin ridge under the little toe, move all four of the other toes away from you with your free hand to expose the ridge. File can also be used to remove hard skin on the tip of the toes or where you may be building up corns. Wash after use with a damp nail brush and dab dry. Once worn, peel back and dispose of old pads and replace with new self-adhesive pads by pressing firmly into position on the file.


Do not use on broken or irritated skin. Do not grip file too tightly. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children.

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