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At Margaret Dabbs London, part of our commitment to excellence is adopting responsible, ethical practices when it comes to the creation of our products. Whilst customer safety and treatment results are of the utmost importance to us, we are proud to confirm that neither one will come at the cost of animal testing.

As a completely cruelty-free brand, we uphold these values and confirm that we do not test on animals, nor do we intend to in the future. We are proud to reassure our customers that as a brand we will never participate or be party to animal testing of any description when it comes to any of the products we deliver.


We believe that our customers deserve only the highest quality, be this through our products, our practices or our specially selected ingredients.

Further demonstrating our passion for extraordinary results and methods without the use of animal testing, our products are developed with the finest sustainably-sourced ingredients, all sourced from companies who share our no animal testing policy.


Sole Potential is a UK charity launched to support underprivileged young people by our CEO and founder Margaret Dabbs.

The charity aims to provide new sports footwear to give children the opportunity to participate in sport regardless of their start in life supporting the development of their social, physical and emotional health. Sole Potential raises money through multiple channels, including donations from patrons, corporate sponsorships and fundraising events such as marathons and treks.