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Sweaty Feet and Foot Odour

There are around 250,000 sweat glands in the sole of each foot, producing up to half a pint of perspiration a day. The sweat glands are more concentrated in the feet than in any other part of the body, so it is unsurprising that this can be problematic for some people. Excess sweating and odour can be an uncomfortable and often embarrassing issue for many people.

How To Prevent Sweaty Feet and Foot Odour

Foot hygiene is very important if you do suffer from sweaty feet. Keep feet clean and as dry as possible with regular changes of clean socks and shoes.

How to Treat Sweaty Feet and Foot Odour

Make sure you keep your feet clean and dry – you can use a hairdryer to ensure your feet are thoroughly dry after showering. Use the Foot Hygiene Cream every night, and the Soothing Foot Powder daily on clean feet. If you have difficulty keeping the feet dry through the day change into clean socks and use the Foot Cleansing Wipes to help keep away bacterial infections of the skin.

Keep away bacterial and fungal skin infections and odour by ensuring your footwear is hygienically clean – spray daily after wearing with the Shoe & Insole Cleansing Spray and use the 3-in1 Shoe Freshener with ozone technology to preserve the condition of your shoes, keeping them free from bacteria, clean and dry.