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You will immediately feel a cooling sensation, and the legs will feel like they are being supported by invisible support stockings. The Firming Leg Serum was formulated using the key ingredient Legance™ – created by phlebologists to reduce the water content in the legs and to stimulate circulation. It will help to “settle” your legs and encourage peaceful sleep with is so important for both mental and physical health.

Restless legs at night can be caused by anxiety, tired muscles, or dietary deficiencies, and can be in the form of periodic twitching or jerking of the legs or an inability for the legs to settle with continuous movement. Leg cramps at night are common and most often caused by tired muscles or the position in which you are sleeping.   These can increase with age and with hormonal changes such as through pregnancy and menopause, and of course with increased stress and anxiety.


  • Involuntary twitching or jerking of the legs
  • Jittery legs which don’t want to go to sleep or settle at night
  • Restless legs at night
  • A feeling of crawling or creeping sensation in your legs

Top Tip:

Use the Firming Leg Serum twice daily – once in the morning after your bath or shower, and at night before you go to bed.

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