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Age Spots On Hands

Symptoms of Age Spots On Hands:

  • Areas of increased pigmentation on the skin of the hands including freckles. Can range from black to light tan in colour and can be an odd spot or over a larger area.
  • Often associated with skin that has lost its bounce and where skin has thinned. More prevalent on skin that has been overexposed to sunlight.

How to Treat Age Spots On Hands:

  1. If you want to reduce the possibility or treat early signs of age spots and irregular skin patterns you must protect the hands from excessive sun exposure.
  2. Wear gloves when using detergents and cleaning products, keep the skin moisturised to encourage cell renewal, and use the Intensive Anti-ageing Hand Serum morning and evening, it is rich in soy isoflavones which work to visibly fade and reduce age spots.

Age spots are more prevalent in fair skin which is finer (or thinner) than darker skin. Skin ageing and sun exposure are the two main causes of age spots and uneven pigmentation but it is never too late to start looking after the hands as treatment remedies are now developed specifically to help reduce the signs of ageing of the hands. To reduce their appearance and prevent further development try and keep the hands protected with SPF and always use a treatment hand cream to keep the skin supple and to promote cell renewal, increase circulation and increase elastin and collagen build up. Protect the hands with gloves.

Suitable for diabetics and through pregnancy