Weak Or Damaged Finger Nails

Symptoms of Weak Or Damaged Finger Nails:

  • Weak, thin, flaky nails which break often, have ridges and can also appear opaque and dehydrated.

How to Treat Weak Or Damaged Finger Nails:

If your nails are prone to splitting it can be very difficult to keep them looking groomed.  Fair skinned people are more likely to have weaker nails and need more care than nails which contain more keratin as is usual with darker skin. 

  1. Keep the nails short and protect them by wearing gloves when you are using detergents and cleaning products, remembering to replenish often with the use of the Nourishing Hand Wash and Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion.  
  2. Keep the Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum in your handbag, on your desk and in the car – if used often it works wonders!
  3. Go easy on nail polish and nail gels as these will dehydrate the further.

Products to Treat Weak Or Damaged Finger Nails:


The hempseed oil and seaweed extract in our formulations are a major reason why they give such great results. Hempseed contains all 20 amino acids needed to stimulate collagen and elastin production while Seaweed contains antioxidants including palythine, which protects the skin from oxidative stress, cell damage and premature ageing. Keep these products accessible and benefit from using them regularly; keep the small sizes in your hand bag, the car and on your desk at work.