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The Medical Pedicure

“One treatment will transform your feet and may just change your life.”

Experience The Best Medical Pedicure in Our Specialist Clinics Today

Here at Margaret Dabbs London, we know that that your feet deserve the best medical pedicure available which is why, utilising years of podiatry and skincare expertise, we ensure the highest-quality treatment is delivered at our own branded clinics. Our remarkable medical pedicure is guaranteed to offer a new level of comfort and the “walking on air” feeling that only a Margaret Dabbs London treatment can provide.

Whether your needs are medical or cosmetic, our experienced professionals are on hand to ensure you leave with feet that look gorgeous and feel brand new. Using a powerful combination of our luxurious, results-driven formulations and expert tools that ensure extraordinary results every time, our ever-popular medical pedicure treatment will transform your feet like never before.

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What is a Medical Pedicure Treatment from Margaret Dabbs London?

So just what is a medical pedicure treatment from Margaret Dabbs London? Every aspect of the foot is addressed with a firm eye on cosmetic podiatry and preventative medical concerns during each bespoke medical pedicure procedure. Delivered within the tranquility of our specialist clinics, our medical pedicure treatment is tailored to your individual skincare and medical concerns to make sure you leave us feeling both beautiful and confident.

Our dedicated treatment is only ever performed at a Margaret Dabbs London Clinic, by a fully qualified, HCPC registered Podiatrist trained in our exact technique. It is the most thorough foot treatment you will ever receive – think hygienist for the feet and foot facialist all in one. Our experts work to ensure that your feet look as incredible as they feel from your very first 45-minute treatment, removing any hard skin and combating a range of skin issues to leave the feet looking nourished and incredibly soft.

Whatever your concern may be from hard skin to corns, callus, dry skin, bunions, ingrown toenails, fungal nails, Athlete’s foot, an ageing foot to biomechanical and gait-related issues – all are addressed within this miraculous 45-minute treatment.

A Medical Pedicure Procedure That Transforms the Feet

Every treatment is designed using our unrivalled formulations from our “miracle in a jar” Foot Hygiene Cream to our award-winning Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion in addition to our professional tools to ensure exceptional treatment results are provided and maintained at home. Extremely popular with men and women alike, our medical pedicure treatment is not to be missed if you’re looking for a lasting transformation for the feet.

Choose a treatment that truly works and leaves your feet looking and feeling better than ever before with our outstanding medical pedicure, and experience the matchless expertise of Margaret Dabbs London first-hand.

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45 mins with a fully qualified Podiatrist | £85.00
With Senior Podiatrist | £100.00
With Director/Principal Podiatrist | £130.00