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Fungal Nail Infections

Fungal nails can present themselves as being discoloured, yellow or brown and nails can be crumbly, unhealthy and unsightly looking. There can also be an odour associated with the contaminated nail(s) and the sufferer is often embarrassed and unwilling to wear open footwear as a result. It is important to know that the fungal condition will not disappear without treatment. The nail(s) contain a spore that becomes embedded in the layers of the nail, which means that they can be challenging to treat and cure. These fungal spores are highly contagious and can spread into other healthy nails and the skin if not treated aggressively and quickly, and can lead to athlete’s foot or fungal skin conditions in other areas of the body.

The laser nail treatment is a course of 4-8 treatments performed every 7-14 days The laser uses powerful light technology on a wavelength that destroys fungal spores and prevents them from spreading. It is important to remember that toenails take a total of 1 year to grow out in full, it is therefore important that you are committed to the treatment to see the significant difference and changes to the overall ‘look’ and/or quality of your toe nails. Full comprehensive instructions to combat the fungus must be followed to ensure a satisfactory outcome and you will receive the support of our Podiatrists to give you the best chance of success.

Prices start from £175 – £250

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