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Bunion Management Therapy

Margaret Dabbs London Clinics are pleased to introduce an additional treatment to the renowned Foot Clinic therapy menus – Bunion Management Therapy. This exciting treatment focuses on one of most topical foot care concerns being experienced by men and women – the fear of bunions and the best way to treat and prevent them.

Using a combination of holistic and traditional medicine, treatment is undertaken to prevent and halt the deterioration of big toe joint.

This is suitable for those patients who:

  • live in fear but are yet to develop a full bunion joint,
  • for those that have a family history of bunions,
  • those that have a normal appearance but experience a painful stiff joint,
  • as well as those who have either the visible appearance of the bunion,
  • or inflammation of the joint and pain
  • secondary disturbances of the area including callus build up on the underside of the foot, or from an associated hammer toe.
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Treatment can consists of cryo-manipulation and thermal-manipulation therapy of the joint, acupuncture of the joint, biomechanical assessment, exercise therapy, Emu Oil to reduce the bone and joint inflammation, night splints and toe props.

For example a bunion joint that is mobilised to increase the range of movement will assist with joint stiffness, and will help to slow the osteoarthritis changes to the joint, and will reduce pain of the joint.

The treatment is undertaken by a qualified and experienced Podiatrist and will be combined with either thermal or cryo therapy depending upon the presenting symptoms and indications. A biomechanical assessment and the creation of bespoke orthotics for gait related issues. Acupuncture will be administered to reduce inflammation of the joint and increase range of movement and body healing and wellbeing. Exercise regime will be implemented to maintain the results achieved at consultation and home splints or toe props will be used as indicated for night use if deemed necessary.

The 45 minute treatments can be taken on a monthly basis to help prevent, maintain and care for foot health, and halt the deterioration of the big toe joint and assist with the prevention of bunion development.

To book an initial bunion consultation or for further information contact one of the Margaret Dabbs London Clinics.

Medical Pedicure 45 mins | £85.00
With Director/Principal Podiatrist | £130.00

Bunion Consultation 30 mins | £60.00

Bunion Prevention Treatment 45 mins | £80.00
With Director/Principal Podiatrist | £125.00

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A bunion is a structural foot deformity characterized by deviation of the great toe. Tissues surrounding the joint often become swollen and tender. Bunions are a common problem and frequently cause foot pain and difficulty wearing shoes.

Pain associated with a bunion can decrease without having to go through surgery. At Margaret Dabbs we offer a range of highly successful treatments, these include:

  • Acupuncture: This helps to relieve pain, techniques are thought to open the energy pathways which promote the body’s natural healing powers.
  • Foot Manipulation: This eases the strain and pain of bunions, and also improves the range of movement at the joint.
  • Exercises: As part of the treatment therapy.
  • Insoles: Insoles can help decrease pain around a bunion by improving the structural integrity of ligaments and muscles, foot motion is controlled without movement being restricted. Insoles help to accommodate a bunion while you walk.
  • Accommodative Toe Props: Our silicone product range can give instant relief for painful bunions by reducing the irritation with other toes and absorbing pressure which can prevent the joint rubbing against the shoe.
  • Removal of Hard Skin and Corns: These frequently develop around the joint.
  • Night Splints: Night splints help to correct a bunion while you sleep.
  • Emu Oil: Our products contain Emu Oil which has been proven to reduce inflammation and swelling around joints.
  • Bunion Support: This Helps to alleviate pressure on the big toe joint by supporting the big toe and encouraging normal alignment.

It is possible, but not always.  After a treatment you might experience some swelling or stiffness; this is due to altering the current positioning of your bunion to encourage flexibility.

After an initial consultation with a qualified Podiatrist, we will design a specially tailored bunion treatment regime that will include selected elements of the treatment options detailed above. To book an initial bunion consultation or for further information contact one of our Margaret Dabbs Clinics.