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Top tips for Skiers from Margaret Dabbs

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Ski season is upon us and many of us will be planning to take a ski trip in the next coming months. There’s nothing quite like the mix of the adrenaline of the slopes, those spectacular views and clear mountain air, plus the fun of après ski of course! Margaret loves skiing and is looking forward to heading to Austria this season, but she is of course aware of the problems that skiing can pose to the feet, and wanted to share some important tips with you before you head off…

When skiing, your feet are the most important parts of the body as they act as shock absorbers as well as helping you to steer and go faster when whizzing down the slopes. So it’s best of course that your feet are in tip top condition from the outset – any injuries, problems or foot conditions could not only compromise your performance but also leave the feet open to further and potentially serious damage. If possible, before you go, book an appointment with one of our podiatrists for a Medical Pedicure and get the feet properly overhauled and protected, but if you are unable to get to see us beforehand, we’ve compiled a few top tips for skiers to help you and your feet get the best out of your ski vacation as you tackle those slopes with style.

First of all, it sounds very basic but it’s vital to make sure that everything fits properly! Don’t wear socks that are too tight, and keep to natural fibres as these will allow your skin to breath and are kinder on your feet. Good socks will not only keep your feet dry, but will also keep them warm and comfortable. There is nothing worse than having soggy socks in ski boots! If you do happen to run up against this problem, our Foot Hygiene Cream is a must when skiing. Also, make sure you wear properly fitted boots and they are not too tight, as this can cause a lot of pain on feet. The boots must be good enough to keep your feet and ankles in place, but should allow your ankle to flex. Choose boots carefully as you will most likely be wearing them for a number of hours and try a variety of different styles, wearing them in a bit before going out on the slopes.

Blisters can be a real misery when skiing and this is the most common problem that skiers face, so as well as making sure your boots are fitted properly, protect areas of rubbing or sweaty skin with Surgical Spirit or lemon juice. If you do get a blister, protect the area with ‘Compeed’, available from all good chemists. Also remember to keep toe nails trimmed, straight and short to avoid bruising, blackening and pain.

After all that hard work on the mountains, give your feet some après ski TLC! Use our fabulous Hydrating Foot Soak after a hard day’s skiing to relax and refresh tired and boot battered feet – and why not finish with a foot massage using the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion keeping feet hydrated and fresh. Take our fabulous Feet Discovery Kit with you, it contains our four key products and comes in handy travel sizes that are easy to pack and the perfect travel companion for your feet. And always bring a bottle of SPF30 sun protection – one application will last all day and it’s a non greasy easy to apply formula.

If skiing is not for you and you find yourself being whisked off in search of some lovely winter sunshine, book yourself in for one of our renowned Margaret Dabbs™ London Medical Pedicure, guaranteed to get your feet in tip top condition ready for sun and beach exposure after a winter in boots. Our medical pedicures are available at all of our Spa’s and Clinics – our receptionists will be happy to advise you on availability of appointment times. All our treatment rooms allow you to enjoy a manicure at the same time as a your medical pedicure – the perfect solution if you’re short on time.

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