Sweaty Feet and Odour

Symptoms of Sweaty Feet and Odour:

  • Moist skin.
  • Smelly feet. 
  • Broken skin or blisters.

How to Treat Sweaty Feet and Odour:

Foot Hygiene is very important if you do suffer with sweaty feet. Keep feet clean and as dry as possible with clean dry socks and fresh shoes. 

  1. Try to avoid wearing closed shoes or trainers without socks.
  2. Use a hairdryer to dry the feet after you have washed them and change your footwear daily.
  3. Use the Soothing Foot Powder in the morning when your feet are clean in your shoes and socks to keep the skin fresh, and in the evening use the Foot Hygiene Cream after showering and before going bed.

Products to Treat Sweaty Feet and Odour:


Start by using the Foot Hygiene Cream at night, and thereafter use the Soothing Foot Powder every morning, including inside socks and shoes and the Foot Hygiene Cream every evening. If you have difficulty keeping the feet dry through the day use the Foot Cleansing Wipes to help keep away bacterial infections of the skin, and refresh through the day. Foot odour will soon be a thing of the past and your feet will look and feel more healthy and fresh.