Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File

Designed using Compressed Crystal Technology, the Margaret Dabbs Superior Foot File is perfect for removing hard skin from the feet effectively and safely. Slim and elegant with a stainless steel body, it is quick and easy to use and gives superior, long lasting results by removing skin evenly and efficiently.

Comes with two additional replacement long lasting abrasive pads


Foot file areas of thickened or calloused skin, filing towards the mid line of the foot
Clean Foot File with soapy water and dab dry
To change worn pads, peel back used pad and replace with new self-adhesive replacement, pressing firmly into position on the file. Do not immerse or leave foot file in water

To obtain best results, use on dry skin once a week.
Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File



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Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File

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