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Our new clinic at ESPA Life at Corinthia represents an exciting new step in the expansion of the Margaret Dabbs London brand and is the first hotel spa in London to launch a foot and hand clinic. The Margaret Dabbs London clinic at ESPA Life at Corinthia will showcase a unique fusion of world-leading beauty treatments with medical innovations. The treatments are specially-designed for those seeking effective and clinically sound anti-ageing treatments for hands and feet in a beautifully designed, relaxing environment.

Set within Corinthia Hotel in the heart of London, our new clinic will comprise of one treatment room and six nail therapist chairs. The clinic will offer a full range of treatments for hands and feet, including the signature Medical Pedicure, Bunion Prevention Therapy, Biomechanical Assessments and Fungal Nail Laser Therapy, each using our Fabulous Hands and Feet collection. All medical treatments are performed by qualified podiatrists who have been fully trained in Margaret Dabbs’ expert techniques, whilst anti-ageing manicures and pedicures using Margaret Dabbs London new treatment-enriched nail polishes will also be on offer, adding the perfect finishing touch to any treatment for hands and feet.


All foot clinic treatments are carried out by specialist trained and qualified podiatrists. Choose from a selection of treatments focusing on all aspects on foot health. Margaret Dabbs is a pioneer of the medical pedicure with clinics throughout the UK and Dubai and a global reputation for excellence.

Margaret Dabbs Ultimate Luxury Foot Therapy This luxury, expert pedicure provides the same core treatment as the Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure but utilises the full product range finishing with exfoliation, a foot bath and includes a luxury foot and lower leg massage with oxygen therapy – perfect to help relieve stress and rejuvenate the body.
60 mins Principal Podiatrist | £175.00

Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure A perfect pedicure and diagnostic tool for advanced treatments, popular with both men and women, this signature treatment is globally renowned for creating the perfect sole. It is carried out by a qualified podiatrist, giving feet a complete overhaul and addresses all aspect of foot health. The pedicure is performed on a dry foot to ensure exceptionally long lasting results and uses the award winning Margaret Dabbs London product range. 45 mins with Principal Podiatrist | £130.00

Prescription Orthotics A full foot and leg assessment carried out by the Podiatrist using the latest evidence based 3D scanning technology, highlighting pressure points and arch height. This assessment includes muscle, joint and range of movement and motion testing. This process leads to the production of custom-made orthotics to support the feet and aid gait related problems in the back, hips, knees and ankles. 45 mins with Principal Podiatrist | £130 |  Prescription Orthotics from £400

Treatment for plantar fasciitis, ligament and joint pain, common foot pain and pre and post-surgery care. Quick and effective, giving outstanding long term results.


Prices start from £60.00

Choose from a selection of expert manicures and pedicures, performed by professionally trained Margaret Dabbs London nail technicians, for fabulous hands and feet. Whether it’s a party night out, a work event, or day-to-day grooming, their manicures and pedicures are the best in the business.

Margaret Dabbs Advanced Pedicure This signature pedicure treatment delivers outstanding long-lasting results. Enjoy an indulgent experience with the full range of Margaret Dabbs Fabulous Feet products, finished with exfoliation, a foot bath and a wonderful revitalising and hydrating foot massage. 60 mins | £90.00

Margaret Dabbs Advanced Manicure An outstanding anti-ageing manicure treatment. Get exceptional results, with an indulgent experience using the full range of Margaret Dabbs Fabulous Hands products, finishing with a wonderful creamy scrub, anti-ageing hand serum and a hand and lower arm massage. Simply the best manicure you can find. 60 mins | £75.00

Margaret Dabbs London Essential Pedicure A thorough pedicure, that is to the point and hugely effective. 45mins | £60.00

Margaret Dabbs London Essential Manicure A thorough manicure delivering very effective results. 45 mins | £50.00

Oxygen Therapy In a world where natural clean air is harder to come by, oxygen therapy offers the perfect solution to maintaining health, wellbeing and equilibrium. Oxygen is perfect for relieving stress and relaxing those who find it difficult to switch off and unwind. Enjoy alongside any of our Margaret Dabbs London Manicure and Pedicure treatments. 20 mins | £30.00

Gel Polish Application 15 mins / £25

Gel Polish Removal 15 mins / £15

Eradicate nail fungus and stubborn plantar warts with the Margaret Dabbs London Laser Nail Fungal Treatment, an exclusively designed laser to treat foot conditions.

Consultation with Fungal Studies 30 mins / £120

Laser Treatment Courses from £175

Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure with Fungal Studies    60 mins / from £175

Foot Manipulation and Mobilisation 20 mins / £48

Medical Nail Reconstruction 20 mins / £50 per nail

Hair Removal (Lycon Waxing) From £25

Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions

In-Fills 45 mins / £90

Full Set  120 mins / £250

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