How To Treat Night Cramps


  • Involuntary spasms of the muscles
  • Stiff and painful legs

How to Treat Night Cramps:

  1. Before bed, massage the Firming Leg Serum in to the skin using long upward strokes, starting from the ankles, working towards the thighs but concentrating on the calves. The instant cooling effect will help to relive muscle spasms and soothe stiff, painful legs.
  2. Keep the Firming Leg Serum close by on your bedside table so if you experience cramps during the night time it is within easy reach to apply to the affected area.


Leg cramps at night time are common and are most often caused by tired muscles or inactivity during the day time. Massaging the legs with the Firming Leg Serum is a great way to help relax and loosen tight muscles. Make it part of your regular bedtime routine to help prevent cramps from occurring during the night.