Gait Issues / Flat Feet / High Arches

Symptoms of Gait Issues / Flat Feet / High Arches:

  • These can cause various issues affecting not only the feet but also the ankles, knees, hips and back.
  • Flat feet that can hurt when you walk.
  • Feet that you feel have “spread”.
  • High Arches of the feet cause excessive weight on the balls of the feet and the heels.
  • Secondary skin disturbances to include hard skin, corns under the metatarsal heads and between the toes.
  • General aching of the feet or plantar fasciitis.

How to Treat Gait Issues / Flat Feet / High Arches:

  1. A Margaret Dabbs London Medical Pedicure is performed by a qualified Podiatrist, who will assess and treat the feet in 45 minutes. During this appointment the secondary skin disturbances will be removed to allow temporary relief  and a Biomechanical Assessment can be recommended, and the Podiatrist will use a scanning platform to assist with the diagnosis. Following this bespoke orthotics/insoles can be prescribed which will realign your gait and transfer the weight more evenly. 

Further Tips and Advice for Gait Issues / Flat Feet / High Arches:

  • As we get older we are prone to laxity of the muscles and soft tissues and this can affect the feet with arches that drop and flatten.
  • Orthotics or insoles work to re-distribute the body weight as we walk.
  • Excessively high arches can give rise to pain of the ball of the foot and secondary skin disturbances such as corns, hard skin and callus can arise in these areas of intense pressure making walking unbearable.
  • Flat feet can cause general pain which can be helped by stretching exercises or orthotics.
  • Off the shelf insoles can help to ease the pain caused by gait related issues but will not usually be as effective as bespoke insoles which have been measured exactly but can certainly help your situation if they are fitted properly.
  • Bespoke orthotics can last 5 – 10 years and can be refurbished with fresh lining.