Foot Verruca (Adults and Children)

Symptoms of Foot Verruca:

  • Verruca can show as a “spot” or many “spots” on the feet which don’t usually hurt when you walk on them unless they are in a weight bearing position of the foot, but if you knock the area or apply “sideways pressure” you will experience a stinging pain.  They are very vascular so can have contusions underneath which give the appearance of “black spots” and can bleed easily.  Verruca are prevalent with younger people but can affect anyone of any age at any time.

How to Treat Foot Verruca:

  1. Verruca can be stubborn and difficult to eradicate but use the Foot Hygiene Cream not only to treat but also to prevent verruca appearing and also to keep away bacterial infections of the skin.
  2. If there is one single verruca you can scoop some of the Foot Hygiene Cream over the verruca and apply a plaster to keep the balm in place so that it has more effect.  It will macerate the skin so only cover for a couple of days.  Two weeks of use should make a visible difference to the verruca.

The Best Product to Treat Foot Verruca:


For many children verruca are all part of growing up. They are more likely to appear in younger people who have moist skin and who use communal changing rooms.  Young adults who are stressed by the thought of exams and the pressures associated often develop verruca. 

Verruca are systemic which means that they “come from within” and although topical applications can work, it can be argued that most verruca in young people will resolve on their own.  The problem is of course that in the meantime they are contagious and can spread which is why you would want to try and resolve them as quickly as possible. Be careful however with self diagnosis as often people can get mixed up with what is a verruca, a corn and also a bunion!  So if in doubt, do see your foot specialist. For adults wanting to treat a verruca our clinics offer various treatments including laser therapy.

All products suitable for children and through pregnancy.