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Foot Hygiene Do’s and Dont’s

Although it’s something that most of us experience, especially during the warm summer months, having sweaty feet is still a worry and source of embarrassment for many. This needn’t be the case for such a common complaint that can be taken care of so easily with the right products and know how…

What are the health implications of sweaty feet?

Aside from being uncomfortable, sweaty feet that aren’t looked after properly can mean an increased risk of developing infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal nails. Dampness can also lead to maceration and blistering of the skin which can be painful and take time to heal. Those with health issues such as Diabetes need to take extra special care as the risk of developing more serious infections becomes higher.

How does our footwear affect how much we sweat?

The shoes you wear have a huge impact on the health of your feet! Shoes made from Synthetic, close fitting materials don’t allow moisture to evaporate efficiently and so it becomes trapped. If you have sweaty feet it is important to avoid synthetic materials and ensure that your foot wear is breathable and not too constricting. Sweat that remains on the skin for an extended length of time can also begin to smell and this scent can stick to your footwear. The summer is the perfect time to give feet a breather by wearing open-toe shoes and sandals. Otherwise invest in good quality leather – they may be a bit pricier but your feet will thank you.

Who is most affected by sweaty feet?

Most of us suffer from sweaty feet or foot odour at some point, however, it is more common in gym and fitness enthusiasts, those going through hormonal changes for instance during pregnancy, sufferers of stress and anxiety and certain medications can also exacerbate the issue. A small percentage of people will suffer from abnormally sweaty feet. This is a condition known as Hyperhidrosis and is caused by overly responsive sweat glands. In some cases, the condition can be quite severe and affect day to day life. Lifestyle adjustments can help to improve symptoms but for more extreme cases seeking advice from a Podiatrist is recommended.

Are the symptoms of sweaty feet contagious?

Having sweaty feet isn’t contagious, however the skin conditions that can develop as a result of having them are. The best way to prevent sweaty feet and the symptoms associated is to adopt good foot hygiene habits and follow these dos and don’ts…  – Do wash feet daily and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. Using a hair dryer is a good way to ensure between the toes and the nails are completely dry. Follow with the Margaret Dabbs™ London Soothing Foot Powder to calm the skin and control perspiration. Lemon Myrtle gives it an invigorating, fresh scent that will also help to banish unpleasant odour. If out and about, use our Foot Cleansing Wipes perfect for use when travelling, or for those who love bare feet and the outdoors. – Do wear clean socks every day and ensure they are made of a breathable fabric. If you are rushing to work following a heavy gym session be sure to keep a spare pair in your bag. Soggy socks will macerate the skin of the feet, and encourage the build-up of bacteria. – Don’t allow nails to become over-grown. Keep them short and clean and cut straight across to prevent fungal infections from developing. Our Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum with antibacterial and antifungal Tea Tree Oil is great to massage in to and around the nails. – Do remove the hard skin from the soles of the feet with a good quality foot file such as the Margaret Dabbs™ London Professional Foot File. These areas become an ideal home for bacteria when they become soggy and damp. Remember to always use the file on dry skin! – Don’t be tempted to wear shoes without socks as the sweat from your feet goes straight into the fabric of the shoe ruining them, and drying out your skin at the same time. It may be trendy but cheat a little and wear trainer socks that can’t be seen – it is so much healthier. – Do swab the feet with surgical spirit if you notice any odour. Bacterial infections are normally the cause of this but the smell can by neutralised with the use of alcohol. – Don’t wear footwear made of synthetic materials as this will trap sweat and moisture. Also, try and swap shoes daily to give them a chance to air.  Last but definitely not least, do invest in our bestselling Foot Hygiene Cream. A multi-tasking balm developed with active ingredients to combat the symptoms of athlete’s foot, relieve itchy, sore, dry, blistered skin and discoloured nails. Emu Oil nourishes and promotes skin renewal and Tea Tree Oil provides anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits, keeping infections at bay.


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