Winner of a 2020 Beauty Bible Award. From the very first application you will experience what you thought would be the impossible – your feet back looking the way they used to look, and the way they used to feel. Feel the magic and transform your feet overnight. This luxury overnight foot cream is superb for men, women and young adults.

This ‘Miracle in a Jar’ Foot Hygiene Cream is formulated to get your feet back on track.

Blistered, hard, itchy skin will be a thing of the past when you use this skin treatment. Our Foot Hygiene Cream is designed with you in mind, helping to promote skin renewal while combatting common foot ailments and symptoms associated with Athlete’s Foot.

It contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties to treat discoloured, damaged, crumbling and unhealthy-looking toenails. You can use it to treat, repair and renew the skin of the feet, to relieve itchiness and reduce foot odour from excess sweating.

The cruelty-free foot cream is an absolute SOS for feet. You will never want to be without it, and will even talk about it to your friends!

Our Foot Hygiene Cream is perfect for those who are keen to include more pampering into their schedule but struggle with time. This hugely effective overnight foot treatment is suitable for the entire family.


Warm a small amount of cream in your hands and apply all over the feet and nails before you go to bed at night. Use every day for two weeks and as necessary thereafter to combat any further flare-ups. Use the spatula provided to remove product from jar and wash hands after use.

Who is it best for?

Anyone who wants to get their feet back on track.  For men, women and young adults and anyone who experiences the symptoms associated with Athlete’s foot, including odour and excess sweating. For anyone who has foot hygiene issues, discoloured or crumbling toenails, itchiness and irritation between the toes and feet which are showing the signs of ageing.

Suitable for:

  • All skin types
  • Men and Women
  • During pregnancy
  • Young Adults and Teenagers
  • Elderly Feet


In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Wash hands after use. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Key Ingredients

Rich in Emu Oil to promote skin renewal, Pure Tea Tree for its natural antifungal and antibacterial qualities and Benzoic & Salicylic acids to treat many common foot ailments.

Other Ingredients

Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Paraffinum Liquidum, Polysorbate 60, Dromiceius (Emu) Oil, Salicylic Acid, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Benzoic Acid, Limonene, Linalool.

  1. Helen

    This lasts forever! I only use it once a week and it keeps my feet, especially between my toes, healthy. I work as a dog-walker, usually in waterproof boots, tramping miles every week. This is emollient and anti-bacterial.

  2. Elz

    I, unfortunately, inherited rather unfeminine, sweaty feet from my father. This caused fungal problems on my nails and skin. After years of just hiding my feet because no products ever even vaguely worked, I bought this cream. Now it did not cure my fungal nail issues, for that I am using something else, however the soles of my feet have never looked so perfect – I’m considering becoming a foot model haha! Working in hospitality, I’m on my feet all day long and because I am so keen to keep my feet in this condition, it has become a habit that every night before bed I use the Margaret Dabbs foot soak followed by this amazing cream. It’s cured my athlete’s foot, cracked heels, soothes aching, and even prevents excess sweating. If I could only buy one “health & beauty” product for the rest of my life, this would be it.

  3. Margaret

    I saw this product on TV and decided to try it. It arrived on Saturday and started using it in the evening.
    Now on my third day and my feet no longer look dry, a small amount goes a long way.
    Looks like good value for money.

  4. Anna

    The Hygiene Cream, not just any cream it’s a miracle for feet, very thick balm, with an oily residue, leaving feet very nourished, energized, with a fantastic cooling sensation that last all day long, ensuring the feet stay really fresh and hygienic, thus avoiding fungal or any other skin conditions.
    A little goes a long way, very good value for money
    A definite must have

  5. Anna

    The Hygiene Cream not just any cream, its a miracle for feet, great thick and oily consistency, that keep the feet very nourished, combined with a cooling feeling lasting all day, ensuring feet are kept really fresh and clean,
    a must buy

  6. Nerys (verified owner)

    Saw Margaret demonstrating this on the QVC Beauty channel and came directly to her online store to buy for myself as my feet were incredibly dry, itchy, flaky, cracked and an absolute eyesore. Margaret had mentioned that after 2 weeks of application, the feet should be fab…but OMG, fabulous results after only one application at bedtime…the itching was soothed instantly and by the following morning my feet were already hydrated and looked like I had someone else’s feet on! I’m on my 3rd application and cannot wait to show my feet off in my sandals tomorrow for work as they’ve never felt and looked so nourished before. Can’t recommend this product highly enough and will be buying more as Christmas gifts for family and friends. It should be called Margaret’s Miracle Cream! Thank you Margaret!

  7. mark.biddle10

    This turned my feet from hard and dry too soft and smooth after being used once a day for 14 days. I don’t know how it works but it does. Brilliant.

  8. Martin Kemp

    My Hero product. My cracked heels are now manageable and not driving my wife crazy. Thank you Margaret!

  9. SunnyK

    I’ve used Margaret Dabbs foot products for 2+years now and I can honestly say, don’t waste your money elsewhere. She definitely knows how to ” treat the feet”.
    I’ve recently ordered the products for legs and hands from the Margaret Dabbs range so awaiting arrival….


    Having always had massive problems with my feet – smelly, sweaty, dry skin, lumps and bumps, pains – EVERYTHING…..I thought I’d have to suffer with these conditions forever, quite depressing. Then I found this GORGEOUS Foot Hygiene Cream… now I cannot EVER be without it. I’m no longer ashamed or embarrassed by my feet. They are FAR MORE comfortable and healthy than they have been since I was literally a small child. They don’t sweat half as much, they don’t smell, they rarely ache. I am so amazed that just by using this every night for two weeks my feet could be so wonderfully different. After the two weeks, I didn’t need to use it every night and now use it between 2-3 nights a week.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I don’t know why it makes such a BIG difference but it seriously does. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

  11. Scott

    Have only been using this foot cream a couple of days and I am already seeing the benefits, my feet feel silky smooth and the appearance of my feet even look a lot better. A little goes a long way.. would highly recommend.

  12. JEANY

    One of my feet was dry and flakey nothing from the Dr,s helped , this is fantastic cleared it up after using twice , I love it .

  13. Heather Cagnasso (verified owner)

    I’m 49 and suffered with dry cracked heels for quite a while. They got so bad that they’ve ripped the bed sheet and I hated the look of them. Tried lots of creams without much success. Tried the Hygiene cream every night for 1 week and exfoliated them twice weekly and I’m amazed at the difference. My heels are almost baby soft, I can’t believe the difference! Its a very heavy cream, and a little goes a long way. Its very greasy so I only use it before going to bed, but absolutely totally recommend this. Going to try ordering the hydrating foot lotion for daytime application on the strength of what this cream has done! So nice to have pink skin on my heels again instead of the grey cracked mess they looked before! Thank you, and thanks to Beauty Bible for recommending you!

  14. Sarah C (verified owner)

    Will never buy any sort of foot file/lotion/scrub again unless its Margaret Dabbs.
    Magic in a jar. My heels were cracked and had a massive build up of hard skin on heels due to my diabetes & clearly never using the right products. Margaret Dabbs are the ONLY products which work on my feet.
    Noticed a difference after using the foot hygiene cream after a few days. The foot lotion and foot file are amazing.
    Thank You Margaret.

  15. Anu (verified owner)

    This really is a miracle cream. First came across Margaret Dabbs products in Dubai whilst having a pedicure and couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed the whole experience. My feet looked and felt so much better.
    I always seemed to suffer with hard skin on my heels, however since using the MD foot file in conjunction with this and also occasionally the foot moose my feet have never been better. I’ve recommended this product to many friends & family who gave also purchased and now love these products.

  16. Lucy

    I love this product. While it doesn’t make this claim, I am convinced this product is the reason my slight fungal nail problem almost disappear…

  17. LainieH

    I bought this for my daughter and she said her feet were lovely and soft after only a week so I purchased one for myself. After only a couple of days my feet felt sooo soft but as I don’t particularly suffer from lots of hard skin it is difficult to tell how good it is. But I decided to try it on my husbands feet which are so dry and flaky and look grey in colour I always tell him how disgusting they are. I couldn’t believe the difference they made after 3 days, the cracked heels are almost gone and the skin on the sides are so much softer. Now my only job is to make sure he continues to use it. It’s definitely the best cream I’ve ever used.

  18. Martine Canfield (verified owner)

    Best foot treatment ever!!! nothing else comes close. Shall be using this on my feet for ever and ever ?

  19. JanW (verified owner)

    I heard about this amazing cream on Jo Good’s UTube Chats.
    Although I have only just received my order I am very impressed with the foot hygiene cream. Initially I thought a little
    expensive but after using am happy to say that the cream left my feet feeling cool and fresh. As I am very new to this product I can only say time will tell but I am certainly impressed with my initial findings.

  20. Caroline

    WOW!! I had a bad fungal toe nail, used all the usual brands but nothing worked. Tried the foot hygiene cream and was very surprised to how well it worked. The fungal nail is now turning into a beautiful toenail and just waiting for it to fully grow back. When i apply every night, I also rub on my hands and nails before washing off, my nails are soooo much stronger. I will never be without my miracle in a jar. Thanks Margaret x

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Foot Hygiene Cream, 100g

20 reviews

Our top selling “Miracle in a Jar” award winning Foot Hygiene Cream is an overnight treatment balm which will transform your feet while you sleep. Medicated and medicinal in scent, this antibacterial foot cream delivers instant treatment results from the very first application. Simply warm a small amount of the balm in your hands and apply to the feet and nails before you go to bed at night and wake up with new feet. It is perfect to get your feet back on track, for feet that are showing the signs of ageing, for sports lovers and those with sweat prone feet. It is expertly formulated to address common foot hygiene complaints and combat the symptoms associated with Athlete’s foot.  Suitable for men and women and young adults alike.

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