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Extremely Dehydrated Skin On The Feet

Symptoms of Extremely Dehydrated Skin On The Feet:

  • Very dry, powdery, often thin, scaly skin on the feet. 

How to Treat Extremely Dehydrated Skin On The Feet:

This common condition is easy to treat when you use the correctly formulated products.

  1. In our Clinics we use the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil and the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion together as a treatment. The Intensive Treatment Foot Oil is a dry oil and when used before the lotion will help to carry the Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion into the skin for optimum treatment results. The skin will be illuminated, scented with gorgeous lemon myrtle and your feet will look and feel brand new.

Products to Treat Extremely Dehydrated Skin On The Feet:


As we get older the feet go through the ageing process in the same way as the face, so the skin thins, the sub cutaneous fat is lost, the soft tissues become more lax and the sweat glands reduce in effectiveness. This is exactly the reason why we must reintroduce moisture into the skin of the feet. The most common words I hear are “my feet did not used to look like this” well they didn’t! It is part of the ageing process which is why the feet need moisturising. Always use a foot specific moisturiser as the skin of the feet is 12 times thicker than the rest of the body which is why body products won’t work in the same way.

All products are suitable for diabetics and through pregnancy.


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