Damaged and Crumbly Toe Nails

Symptoms of Damaged, Crumbly Toe Nails:

  • Discoloured, broken crumbling nails, ridged, yellow nails.
  • Nails that can be thickened and misshapen.

How to Treat Damaged, Crumbly Toe Nails:

Damaged and crumbly toe nails can be difficult to treat. Long term nail bed damage can cause disfigured toe nails or they can be due to a fungal toe nail condition, or even Athletes Foot.

  1. Foot Hygiene is very important and therefore use the Foot Hygiene Cream all over the nails in the morning and evening on clean skin to help stop the transfer of either bacterial infection or fungal infection from the nails to other nails or the skin to the nails.
  2. If your skin is moist use the Soothing Foot Powder during the day.
  3. If it is only affecting one nail use the Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum – suitable for both fingers and toes.

Products to Treat Damaged, Crumbly Toe Nails:


Nails may appear unsightly because of a long term fungal nail problem which is systemic and rarely responds to topical treatment. The nail may also have suffered long term nail bed damage, which is irreversible, however misdiagnosis for nail fungus is common, and simple trauma from footwear can often take on the appearance of what you may consider to be “a fungal nail”.  Keep nails neat, not too long nor too short, treat them as above and keep them free from polish while you are treating them. Contact our clinics for advice on a laser course to treat fungal nails.

Products suitable for diabetics and through pregnancy.