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Symptoms of Corns:

  • Pain on pressure when it is applied from walking or footwear which is pressing down.
  • The pain is centralised with hard lumps of skin which is formed at the centre point of the friction.
  • Neuro-vascular corns are very painful as they are have a distinct nerve supply and are the most likely to bleed due to the blood vessels within the corn tissue.
  • A corn which is very panful and left untreated can become infected and poses a risk to general health.
  • Seed corns refer to multiple tiny corns usually on the sole of the foot.
  • Interdigital corns appear between the toes when toes are squashed together.

How to Treat Corns:

  1. Corns will not just go away and should be removed surgically by a foot professional during a Medical Pedicure treatment.
  2. Following treatment the most important thing however is to find the cause of the corn, which can be footwear related or due to gait related issues and weight distribution.
  3. Take the cause away and the corn will go with it.

Products to Treat Corns:

Soothing Foot Powder will help to alleviate the pressure from corns in between the toes and from tight footwear and the Professional Foot File can be used to reduce the callus hard skin build up on the top layer of skin from the corn.

Further Tips and Advice for Corns:

  • Corns under the metatarsal heads or ball of the feet are difficult to treat and often need the pressure to be removed with the wearing of insoles to alter the weight distribution from that area.
  • Corns can be the result of bony formation of the toes which press together.
  • Care should be taken if you chose to use an salicylic acid plaster bought at a chemist as these can be very damaging to the skin and should never be used by diabetics.
  • Use of these should really be avoided.
  • Interdigital corns – that is corns between the toes can be helped with the use of foot powder.

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