Symptoms of Bunions:

  • Gives the appearance of a bony swelling at the side of the big toe and can also be associated with inflammation, pain and redness. 
  • The big toe is not straight and points in the direction of the 5th toe of the same foot.

How to Treat Bunions:

  1. Bunions can be unsightly as well as painful, especially if they are inflamed but although you cannot reverse wear and tear changes of the joint you can help to slow the future deterioration of the joint by using the Margaret Dabbs London Bunion Support.  This preventive care can also work to help to avoid the need for future surgery.  
  2. Reduce pain and inflammation around the joint with the Intensive Treatment Foot Oil applied and massaged over the joint twice a day and use the Bunion Support as often as you can, especially in the evening before bed as it will help to realign the big toe, keep the joint mobile and slow the future deterioration of the joint.  It is comfortable and supportive to wear and will also ease the pain associated with the joint.

Products to Treat Bunions: