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Biomechanical Assessment

Do you ever wonder why you get hard skin on certain places on your feet? Or why you suffer from persistent ankle, knee or hip pain? Maybe you have a painful bunion joint that could do with more support in footwear? Whether you’re a high heel addict or loyal to your loafers, a Biomechanical assessment will reveal all.

A Biomechanical Assessment entails a 45 minute, one-to-one consultation with a Podiatrist; you will complete a short questionnaire, including previous medical conditions, operations and questions about your lifestyle. Your Podiatrist will then carry out a comprehensive Gait Analysis, including a 2D scan of your feet, used in the production of orthotics.

Margaret Dabbs London Clinics go one step further in their mission to provide the best in foot care with the introduction of new 2D laser scanning technology; part of a comprehensive analysis and assessment for the fitting of bespoke, cutting – edge orthotics into clients’ footwear.

footscan pressure measurement technology

To book a Biomechanical Assessment or for further information contact one of the Margaret Dabbs London Clinics.

Biomechanical Assessment 45 mins | £85.00
Biomechanical Assessment with Medical Pedicure 75 mins | £160.00
With Director/Principal Podiatrist | £260.00

Prescription Orthotics from £440.00

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