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How to Avoid Dry Hands

Suffering from dry, sore hands that are in need of some serious TLC? Since the onset of the global pandemic, washing our hands thoroughly and frequently throughout the day has never been so important; but scrubbing away furiously is likely to leave behind irritated, dehydrated, and even cracked skin.

Investing in products that really work is the biggest treat you can give your hands, and our Margaret Dabbs™ London range combines natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients to ensure that your hands are left smooth, nourished and hydrated. Follow our step-by-step guide with our skin saviours to get your hands back into great shape, all from the comfort of your own home.

 1. Start off with the right Hand Wash

The first step to achieving soft hands is to avoid harsh soaps which strip your hands of their natural defences and have a drying effect. Instead, use the Margaret Dabbs™ London Nourishing Hand Wash, a foaming formula which effectively cleanses the skin with antibacterial Hempseed, Turmeric and Comfrey extracts. Massage into your hands for 20 seconds to leave them hygienically clean and protected from harmful germs and bacteria.

2. Invest in a good Hand Cream

After washing, follow up with the Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion – the trick is to apply this to your hands when they are still damp, as the lotion will penetrate more quickly than when applied to dry skin. The combination of Hempseed, Seaweed and Kelp extracts make it a saviour for chapped, uncomfortable skin prone to redness and irritation, whilst the Geranium and Mandarin scent leaves your hands smelling heavenly long after application.

3. Add a Serum into your routine

It’s not just the palms and knuckles that suffer when it comes to dryness – nail beds and the surrounding area can also become a problem when our hands are overwashed and dehydrated. The Nourishing Nail & Cuticle Serum uses a unique formulation with Emu and Tea Tree oils to help transform dry, damaged nails & cuticles and effectively treat and protect against infection. Apply a thin layer to cover the fingernail and cuticle area throughout the day for speedy results.

4. Don’t be afraid to exfoliate

It can be tempting to avoid exfoliating when we have dry skin, for fear of causing further irritation, but this is not the case when you invest in the correct products. The gentle Exfoliating Hand Scrub is a creamy exfoliator that combines the buffing effect of orange peel and jojoba beads to cleanse the hands of dead dry skin cells and replenish with emu oil for hydration. Packed with emollients and plant extracts, it’s our hero for maintaining the moisture levels of the skin. Apply to wet hands twice a week and massage into the skin and nails and watch this skin saviour work its magic.

5. Go for a gentle Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitising gels are crucial for keeping your hands free of harmful germs whilst outside your home, but protecting yourself needn’t mean sacrificing the condition of your hands. The Margaret Dabbs™ London Hand Sanitiser is enriched with Hempseed oil and White Water Lily to soothe the skin and replenish moisture levels, whilst its unique antibacterial formulation with 65% alcohol leaves hands clean, refreshed and hydrated. Use a small amount of the gel when needed – a little goes a long way!

The importance of hand sanitiser will continue after lockdown, as we cautiously transition back to some form of ‘normality’ – so getting into good habits now means it will be second nature to give your hands a spritz whilst out and about.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be enjoying rejuvenated hands in no time. For more expert tips on how to keep your hands, feet and legs in great condition, head over to our Instagram page.