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Top Tips For Ageing Hands

The beauty world offers many solutions for facial anti-ageing, but often little consideration is taken into how our hands age. It can feel embarrassing when your hands look older than they should, yet just a quick and simple routine can help to reverse these effects.

Why does the skin on our hands age?

There are three main factors that contribute to our hands ageing faster:

Sun damage: We often neglect to protect our hands from the elements, despite them being constantly exposed. Sun damage can cause age spots, uneven pigmentation, wrinkling and thinning of the skin – all of which contribute to premature ageing. These effects are exaggerated in fairer skin.

Dry skin: Dry air, heating, air conditioning, and swimming pools all play a key role in sucking moisture out of your hands. Washing your hands too often can also strip the skin of the natural oils it needs, further drying them.

Nails: Repetitive exposure to water, chemicals, nail polish remover, as well as prolonged nail polish usage can all contribute to brittle and discolored nails. Classic dark nails are always a good look, but remember to always apply a base coat first to prevent staining.

In addition to these reasons, a number of medical conditions can also contribute to older looking hands and nails. Thyroid, kidney, and autoimmune conditions, as well as eczema and diabetes, can all cause your skin to become rough and flaky.

How to prevent ageing hands?

Alas – all hope is not lost. With a bit of care, these issues can easily be avoided. Don’t ignore the problems and let your hands deteriorate. Read our top tips for fabulous hands…

Hygiene: Your hands are dirty! Did you know that the average person has around 332,000 genetically distinct bacteria, made up of 4700 different species, on each hand? Wash your hands with lukewarm water and replace your everyday soap (cheap soaps dry the hands!) with the Margaret Dabbs London Nourishing Hand Wash. Use the Margaret Dabbs London Hand Sanitiser (conveniently available in handbag size-perfect for people who are on the go, use public transport, or have young children) for an effective self-drying anti-bacterial solution. Unlike regular hand sanitisers that can be harsh on the skin, the MDL Hand Sanitiser will leave your hands with a silky, hydrated finish. Both products are infused with Mandarin and Geranium oils for a beautiful fragrance.

Moisture: To lock in moisture, use the Intensive Hydrating Hand Lotion. The lotion helps to preserve skin firmness and elasticity by using White Water Lily and Wild Rose extracts. Use alongside the award-winning Anti-Ageing Hand Serum formulated with Soy Isoflavones, which have been clinically proven to increase collagen production, to even out skin tone and reduce wrinkles and age spots.

Soft Skin: Exfoliation is crucial for the removal of dead skin cells and promotion of cell renewal. Aim for twice a week and try using our Exfoliating Hand Scrub – a rich and creamy formula that combines the gentle buffing effect of orange peel and jojoba beads with the hydrating benefits of Emu oil.

Strong Nails: Did you know that being fair skinned makes you more prone to thin and weak nails? Combat discoloured and brittle nails by using our Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Serum with Emu and Tea Tree oils to strengthen, hydrate, and prevent infection. If you still want to add colour to your nails, our BB Base Coat helps to hide imperfections, sun damage, nail blemishes and discolouration. In addition, all of our nail polishes are enriched with Vitamin E and Wild Rose Extract.

Sun Defence: You don’t have to be on holiday to need sun protection. Did you know that a partially cloudy sky often results in a higher intensity of harmful UV-B radiation (broken-cloud effect)? Studies found that skin damage was increased by 40% in partially cloudy skies! The Margaret Dabbs™ London SPF30 Sun Defence is a dry, non-sticky spray that is easy to use on the go. It blocks harmful rays from the sunlight, and is also formulated with Emu and Argan oils, known for their anti-ageing, nourishing and protective properties.

Prevention is certainly better than cure – follow this regime before an early night and soon your hands will be looking and feeling better than ever. Be sure to drink plenty of water and cut down on the alcohol, which has been proven to weaken and dry the skin.

Further Treatment: It’s not too late to turn back the clock! Alongside these simple daily steps, our Laser Rejuvenating Hand Lift Treatment available at all our clinics is able to give impressive results by visibly reducing the effects of ageing and successfully regenerating lost collagen. This treatment is clinically proven to stimulate and regrow new healthy skin cells from the hypodermis, tightening and illuminating the skin. Recommended for anyone concerned about the appearance of ageing hands, loss of skin volume and elasticity, uneven skin tone, wrinkles or thin skin.